Sigh of relief... o__O I love my MBook...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by iSamurai, May 12, 2008.

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    Phew... This is a story to tell. It happened about 5 minutes ago, while I was reading this forum of course.

    So like many of you mac devotees you love your computer and freak out when something goes wrong.

    My MacBook is sitting on the table, alongside a bottle of water. After reading a few threads I felt thirsty. I grabbed the bottle and drank. But hey, Water spilled over the touchpad.

    A few seconds later I realised what I've done and I grabbed some tissue nearby and sucked the water up all over the touchpad.

    So I thought, it was ok, nothing really happened, and I streak my finger over the surface. the cursor was stuck! It didn't move! I was panicking -- I purchased this thing half a world away and it's not possible to send it in for repairs here...

    Out of desperation I took a sheet of tissue and tried suck out any remains of water that was left in the groove using the edges of the tissue... Surprisingly there was a LOT of water hidden in there. After a hard blow over the touchpad it came to life again. gosh...

    so guys, don't consume liquids near your computer! This afternoon I had my laptop out as well, in the school library -- and usually you aren't supposed to drink in the library. So I thought up an excuse to the libarian that if I were to spill water over a book that I'm reading I'd be spilling over the laptop which is more expensive so it's highly unlikely that I'd be wetting anything... oops, murphy's law.

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    Be careful!

    For the future, a hairdryer is also very good for drying tech that just got wet, if you dry it quick enough there will almost always be no permanent damage!
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    Don't you just love the rush of adrenaline. :D

    Don't even think about doing it again dude, your luck may run out one day.:eek:
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    ANY foods near a computer is bad. You got lucky it was just water. I have seen soda destroy many keyboards because of the stick aspect of it.
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    Jan 16, 2008

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