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Jul 11, 2016
Hey guys, yesterday i signed a document on my ipad using the markup tool, + and add a signature, then i signed using my  pencil.

today i was expecting if i do the same on my iphone (which connects to same icloud) it will show the signature on my signature list, butit didn’t.

Is there any way to sync the signature i used on my ipad to other ios devices?


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May 19, 2015
It should save across devices logged into the same iCloud account. I just did this on my ipad. I opened an email message hit “reply” and at the bottom of the screen was the pen-looking icon, tapped on that, and then tapped on the plus icon. Signature was in the the resulting list. I tapped on that and my saved signatures appeared with the ”Add or Remove” below. I tapped on that and added a new signature. Tapped Done and Done, exited email. I went to my phone and did the same thing and the signature I had just created was in the list