Silly show involving William Shatner, George Foreman, Henry Winkler (The Fonz) and Terry Bradshaw

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by cwerdna, Aug 30, 2016.

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    Anyone watching? The show's called Better Late Than Never. It looks like it normally airs on Tuesdays on NBC.

    Those who are Star Trek TOS or fans of one the above guys might like this "reality show". It's a sort of a travel show but reminds me a bit of An Idiot Abroad along w/bits of Bizarre Foods in there. Virtually everything looks staged, but hey, a lot of it was funny.

    YouTube channel at

    These will give you an idea of what the show's about:

    Since I missed ep 1, I tried the copies on YouTube like the official one at and some others I found. They're all terrible, possibly intentionally.

    They end up only showing the video in a small portion of the entire screen/video window w/a vignetting effect (dark around the edges) and the audio is of poor quality. It was that way via the YouTube app on my Roku 3 and just as bad casting to Chromecast.

    Ended up watching some of it via NBC's iPad app. At least it's full screen but you're forced to watch ads.

    I've set a season pass for this show on my TiVo for this show now.
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    You had me at William Shatner. For some reason, I utterly adore that bloated egotist. Plus I prefer The Final Frontier over both The Motion Picture and The Voyage Home. I doubt I'd get many agreements on that front, though. ;)

    Hmm… it's meant to be TNG night when my housemate gets back from work… but now I really want to watch TWoK.
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    Darn, the official channel folks have been marking their videos private, it seems.
    Hahaha. Kirk in TOS was great. Agree about Final Frontier over TMP. TMP was terrible and easily the worst of all the Trek movies. IV, OTOH was great and is still an pre-reboot movie I recommend to non-Trekkies due to the humor.

    Anyone else watching, ep 1 had so many funny moments. Ep 2 was good at the beginning and then felt like a let down until it picked up again at the end w/the snakes, baby mouse and cow penis.
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    I watched the first episode. While I really like these old coots, it's just another reality show. And more than I want world peace, I want an end to reality shows.
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    My love for Star Trek doesn't extend to watching bloated narcissists participate in reality television. Thanks for the heads-up though!

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