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Discussion in 'Community' started by indifference, Feb 21, 2005.

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    I have two choices to make. I seem to have a strong urge to want to help people. But I have done bad academically this year due to the loss of a close friend. Over the summer Silicone Graphics International came to our lab at the UW and they were impressed with a conversation I had with them. I also though feel like I want to be a doctor. It seems though that he project I could help Silocone with is something that would connect a lot of MRI labs together and it might help a lot of people. What I cannot understand is, I feel that they did it in an unpofessional way. The way they did it, the assumed they would get a job, they did not reazlie, that the doctors were very busy and only one could go to the meeting, the one I worked with. But I had a 10 min conversation with them in whiich they thought I was smart and told my boss that. They no can't remember me but would keep my resume on file. Faculty are encouraging me to take the position, but this is a corporate company. If I could help them become more corporate, maybe that would be good. They are doing good work at the UW Medical center though and research I like.

    I have though been put on the National Deans List. Would that help me get an education if I wanted to continue there? It provides some money apprently but I have something probably at the Center without a referenc and I love Seattle.

    For the first time in my life people are telling me I am smart, it is hard for me. Lots of people are. And they are saying I always thought you were. It would be warmer weather in california, and I could possibly be able to help them so that what happened at the UW doesn't and they get more jobs. Can you help me with advise, faculty want me to pursue it, they say that it would make sense to, someone from Evergreen just went to Apple.

    Silocone says they will keep my resume on file, should I keep pursuing it with a follow up resume? I am not sure I will know for sure.
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    Your posts seem to be stream of consciousness and quite often don't make any sense at all.

    Since you weren't able to distinguish the difference between hepatitis and herpes, please don't be a doctor.
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    That's 'Silicon Graphics' ... SGI

    Please just stop; stop everything ... rethink your life.

    peace | neut
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    Couldn't agree more!!! :)

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