Silver at $33.68

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    We already have a Gold thread so I figured we get one going on Silver now that Silver seems to be in bull mode. I'm seeing $40 on up this year for Silver provided QE3 is in place and a drop if we get no QE3. With QE3 in place Silver has a very high chance of seeing $50-60 within the next 6 months. Recently SLV call options have been paying quite well for those that like to trade options for Silver.
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    Does that mean my old silver dollars are worth $33.68 each?
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    #3 should help.
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    I bought a 10-oz at $36 a little more than a year ago.

    Not a very good investment so far.
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    You just got in at the wrong time. Silver is a very good investment. You need to know when to buy. The reason Silver dropped last time so much from $50 to around $26 was because of the dirty people at JPM and MS which manipulated Silver to drop by raising Silver margins. They did not want the price of Silver to go up because they were short. Margins have been raised now so unless they pull another dirty trick and raise margins further then Silver should have no reason to fall provided that we see QE3 this year.

    If we see QE3 and no rise in Silver margins then Silver is pretty much a sure bet from where it was just recently at $26-28. Those that bought within the last month are up over 20% on their Silver investments.

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