SIM cards?


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Aug 29, 2012
So....yet another iPhone question. For some reason I had the idea that pre-paid phone services wouldn't accept iPhone 5 directly after it's release. I am probably mistaken in this assumption. Now I realize that although they may not offer it directly through THEIR company, it can be purchased from Apple and then activated with their SIM card. But I'll ask the question anyway.

Most contract-free phone services are SIM cards, so why shouldn't it work? Could I could just purchase an unlocked iPhone 5 directly from Apple and then get it activated with a SIM card from company of my choice (Red Pocket, H2O Wireless, or Simple Mobile...still deciding!).

Any input? Thank you!


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Oct 20, 2011
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Yes it should work as long u get a factory uncloked iphone, and as long your carrier have the nano sim or trim down the current micro sim.
This. Keep in mind on previous iterations, the factory unlocked version was not released on launch day. However, I think AT&T will unlock theirs.