Simmons, Gruber, Kahney and Siegel on WWDC’s decline

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    Link: Simmons, Gruber, Kahney and Siegel on WWDC’s decline
    Description:: Attendees of Apple’s most recent Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco were less than happy with how they were treated. But it seems their main concern wasn’t what you might expect.

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    Misleading Title

    Most of the comments seem to disagree that WWDC is declining in any important way. The complaints are about the quality of the food, etc.
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    And boy howdy was the food awful this year.
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    I agree with the original TidBits article, but I disagree that these things are not important. Sure, they aren't as important as the quality of the sessions, but keeping us well fed and in good spirits helps us pay attention and absorb information.

    Other things that weren't mentioned by them:

    In 2003, there were booths so developers could exhibit their products to other developers. I learned about several very interesting development products from those booths. They removed them in 2005.

    In 2003, there were also booths were you could shop for technical manuals (at a discount) or accessories. Those were removed this year, save for one booth where you could buy extra/replacement batteries.

    I used to browse these booths during lunch, watching product demonstrations from other developers, and occasionally picking up a book a might need. Now the only options are watching the gamers, or attending an overcrowded lunchtime session.

    Also, a comment on the food: they used to have a hot meal selection every day, along with a selection of sandwiches as an option. This year, it was a hot meal on Monday, followed by sandwiches (only) the rest of the week. In my opinion, they did this as an incentive for us to attend the lunch sessions, since the sealed plastic trays were easier to carry.

    One last thing -- did anyone else think the "live" music at the campus bash was lame?

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