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Since watch OS 7 my series 5 AW not lasting as long.


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Aug 16, 2018
Pittsburgh, Pa
Updated my AW series 5 last weed to watch OS 7 and the battery life is not as good. Charged to 100% at 7AM this morning and it is down to 80% already and all have been doing is sitting at my compute doing some work. I wonder if something is running that I am not aware of. Anybody else see a differnece.


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Sep 3, 2010
Had the same problem (Series 4).

Contacted apple support. They ran remote diagnostic, said the battery hardware is fine.

Then they asked me to unpair the watch, wipe and restore.

This actually helped and my battery life is much better than before.


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Jul 11, 2008
Unpair/repair did not work for me. Battery life is still significantly less. Even unpaired/repaired and setup as new. Today I have tried only using stock complications in the hope that one of the third party complications I was usingis cuasing battery drain, but the jury is still out if it is having an effect.
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