single 1.8 g5 powermac w/ display!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Aug 12, 2004
    i have a single 1.8 ghz g5 powermac thats loaded up with some neat stuff. first off it has a 160 gig hard drive, a airport extreme card, 512 ddr sdram, wireless keyboard and mouse from appe, a superdrive, and extended warranty.

    Most of this stuff with exception to the superdrive does not come standard with today's 1.8 ghz g5 powermac.

    As for the display which is also covered under the extended warranty, it is a adc apple 20 inch cinema display. There are no dead pixels whatso ever. Both machines come with their original product documentation along with their original connections. Both machines are also in perfect working order and are not cosmetically damaged.

    The package also comes with microsoft office with all its serial keys and orignal packaging. Also the machine will coem with panther install dics.

    The package also features a informative "killer tips book" for Panther. With all this packaged in im hoping to get the machine off my hands as soon as possible.

    To find out more about this system email me at Currently the machine is being auctioned off on ebay but if anyone would like to purchase the machine with the use of ( The official escrow that ebay endorses) at a price of 2499 just email me at the above address. To bid on this machine here is the ebay listing url

    ebay listing

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