Single g5 sufficient for pro audio?

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    Hello...i was wondering if a single 1.8 g5 would be sufficient for audio (Pro Tools). I was going to upgrade my g4, but decided against it. As adamjay previously pointed out to me, the processor isn't as important for Pro Tools as the system architecture (cache especially). In fact, I checked out several comparisons on, and the difference was not all that significant between the dual and single. The reason I'm asking, is that I can get a brand new single 1.8 here in NYC for 1699, which is just under a grand less than the dual. If I add 2 gigs of RAM, and a 2nd SATA drive, would it be pretty sufficient for at least 3 years? It will be solely a studio computer. I am going to buy a Powerbook for photography / design as soon as they are speed bumped. Sorry to keep asking questions, but want to make an informed purchase.
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    Absolutely. I use Protools on a G5 1.6 w/1GB RAM and it is amazing. Almost any G5 is going to outperform a G4 in the proaudio realm so you're smart to get the new architecture.

    With the specs you mentioned, you'll be in great shape for 4+ years. ProTools doesn't change that much.

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