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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by 3282868, Mar 10, 2011.

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    Is it possible to use a SIP account with an iPhone? I know in 2009 jail broken iPhones had the ability to with a hacked application. Is this still the case?


    EDIT: Finally found the info I was looking for:

    Acrobits: SIP VoIP for iOS Devices


    The only ? I have: I will be using a Siemens Gigaset S675 IP system over Vonage, and need to find a SIP service. Anyone have any experience or knowledge? I've done this in E.U. which is more "advanced" with VoIP/SIP than the US and there is little knowledge online regarding SIP and US VoIP providers.

    Thanks again!
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    It doesn't really matter where your VOIP service is located as long as they have a good network. I've used all sorts of VOIP providers over the years the three I'd recommend at this point are:

    1. -- UK-based. this is what I'm using now and they're fantastic and extremely flexible in the way things are set up. You can have a number pretty much anywhere in the world for less than $1/month, their rates are great and they are genuinely ethical in their advertising and pricing. Nothing hidden. Great call quality and lots of VERY useful features like direct dial so you dial a local number and are automatically transferred through their system to any number in the world, calling card function so you can use any phone anywhere to access your system etc. I've needed support a few times and they responded within a few hours with a fix. Highly recommended! (if you decide to try them PM first and I'll give you my email so that you put it in and I'll get a credit -- that's NOT why I'm recommending them though.)

    2. -- U.S. based. Another great company with great VOIP service. More expensive than localphone but otherwise superb.

    3. -- U.S. based. Very good too, great rates, good call quality, superb support if you need it and if you're in New York they'll give you a free 212 number too if you ask. They don't do much to improve or be competitive, but they're a very solid service nonetheless.

    I use a siemens C475ip which is essentially the same as the one you want to use. Works flawlessly, albeit a rather slow interface. I also use acrobits and it works very well, although the notifications are sometimes delayed which means missed calls. I haven't tried the new background process function, but i've heard it works well.

    Hope this helps. let me know if you have any questions.

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