Siri saved a life of a teenager!

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    Siri - Apple's voice-activated assistant - may have saved the life of Tennessee teenager after he was pinned underneath his truck and unable to reach his phone.

    Sam Ray was alone when the truck he was fixing fell on him, but he remembered his phone was in his back pocket.

    Mr Ray used his bottom to activate Siri, which called emergency services.

    The dispatcher thought it was mistaken call at first but soon heard Mr Ray's cries for help.

    "I could feel myself slipping," Ray told his local newspaper the Tennessean on Friday. "I was starting to accept that I wouldn't get out."

    The dispatcher was able to locate Mr Ray's home in a suburb of Nashville by triangulating the signal from his mobile phone.

    Full recovery
    Rescue workers pulled Mr Ray from underneath the truck, and he quickly was airlifted to a nearby hospital.

    He was seriously hurt in the July incident, suffering several broken ribs, a bruised kidney, cuts, a concussion and burns to his left arm. He has since recovered.

    Mr Ray had been thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy phone, but the accident has changed things.

    "I guess I'm stuck with an iPhone for the rest of my life," Mr Ray said. "I owe them that."
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    How did he "use the bottom to activate Siri"?
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    Well, the phone was in his back pocket, so he used one of the many nodules on his butt to press the home button. We all have these nodules, and it's normal. :oops:
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    Ha ha. I was more thinking about how he could activate Siri without unlocking his phone. It turns out that Siri must be set to "on" under "allow access when locked" in settings. Mine is set to off for security, and I supposed I would have died regardless of my butt nodule ability.
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    I would have died too, as there is no way I could active Siri with my bottom. Sorry butt:)p) I have nodules on my hind end!
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    Thank **** it had a happy ending. It'd be pretty grim if the last thing you heard was "Sorry, I cannot take any requests right now. Please try again later"
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    He was lucky. I sometimes have to repeat myself multiple times and Siri still gets it wrong. It's almost like the old drive thru :D.

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    I believe he will be a very loyal iPhone user!
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    My Uncle died when a Truck Engine he was working on fell on him. He was working at his garage and no one heard him scream since he was alone in the shop that evening. He died at the age of 34, just two years after his wife died on snow covered bridge 50 yards from the garage her husband died.

    Sometimes I believe in fate and this time wasn't that kid's time! Plus let this be warning never crawl under a car without someone else being in ear contact! Siri or not that kid was lucky he had the iPhone and Siri was actived in his back pocket while he immeadiate attention!
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    yeah, always put under a lifted car some wood blocks or stable boxes that can hold the car before crawling under sometimes surprises me how little safety precautions some people take. having siri settings to "active allow access when locked" of course is also a lack in safety precautions and this saved his life..................
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    Wow... What a story!!! Hats Off!!! Initially, I used to have same question about siri, later on I came to know how it works.
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    Like this.

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