Siri works as long as you have a US iTunes account


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Oct 30, 2015
Hi All.

Just thought I would share this as I know the question has come up quite a bit.

I live in Hong Kong but have a US based iTunes account. I bought my Apple TV tonight and can finally confirm that as long as you have a US iTunes account, Siri will indeed work.

I signed in with my HK iTunes account and a message popped up to say that Siri does not work. When I signed back into my US account, a window popped up asking if I wish to use Siri. Presumably this will be the same for any of the other 7 regions that support Siri.

Earlier in the week, I had spoken to an Apple "Genius" and was given the wrong information. He told me even if I have a US iTunes account, Siri would not work in HK as the Apple TV would pick up on my location through wifi and region lock me out. I discovered tonight that this is not the case.

Hope this helps!