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Jun 29, 2011
Tacoma, WA
Anyone else find themselves just generally beyond frustrated with Siri most of the time?

Maybe my expectations are too high, but it seems to me that Siri should be so much more polished and advanced at this point than it is. Makes me wonder, has Apple completely given up on Siri? I really don’t get it. Most days I find myself cursing Siri out and wondering how Apple, the leader in technology innovation, can do so many things right, but their voice assistant, TO THIS DAY, is generally useless by comparison to Google.

Maybe this is an overstatement, but it just seems that Siri should be far more polished, refined, and smarter than it currently is for 2019.


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Jul 1, 2014
I feel for you. Gave up on Siri years ago for anything serious (read: reply to a message, transcriptions, etc).

Does ok, for me, with simple stuff like "what's this song", "set a time for...".

Now, I have a bit of an accent, and if doing it in a noisy environment, iffy. Basically, need to enunciate clearly.

But if Siri did work 100%, not much better than any other voice assistant, imo. Plenty of times I've had where I can type out a search quicker than a friend asking their Android phone to search for something.

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May 26, 2016
Voice recognition technology in general still has got some time to mature for day to day use but Siri features get significantly hampered by Apple’s stance towards privacy and frankly I’d rather have the privacy than a voice assistant that’s not really a necessity in life at present.


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May 7, 2005
Siri barely understands me. I have a homepod, and if I ask my phone – clearly with the phone right in front of me – the homepod will answer instead. But if I try to ask the homepod, it never works because it doesn't hear me unless I speak into the phone.

For music, none of the bands I like are ever recognized. It will turn the lights off, but then not turn them on again right after. It pretty much only works for setting timers, and even then it's not 100%.