Slow start for apple stores


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Nov 4, 2001
Kent, UK
just been checking through the detailed accounting report that's linked at the bottom of the page... overall, despite the loss from the stores, net profits were realised, or $0.11 a share! Cash balance is up to $3.6bn, and long-term debt is down to $315m. Fairly good picture i would say!

Sorry for the double post.


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Jan 6, 2002
Buffy's bedroom
A loss of $8m isn't too bad... that's only $300,000 per store. I think that we can expect to see them doing very well in a year or so.


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These stores were expected to run at a loss for at least the first year...a typical projection for such a high investment. It's ok...Apple's healthy.

The two (best kept) secrets about the Apple Stores:

1. Thirsty while traipsing through the mall? Go to the genius bar and ask for a bottle of water. They'll toss you an Evian.

2. What to do after downing that nice cold bottle of water? Why, use the restroom, of to the public, and better than some of the dirty public pee-holes so often found at the mall.
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