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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by firewire2001, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. firewire2001 macrumors 6502a

    Apr 2, 2002
    Hong Kong

    i was curious if anyone knew of any kind of a small device that could run linux, and would feature a firewire port, a serial port, and an audio-out port.

    the sort of thing im looking for would also have to be (relatively) cheap (50-200 dollars maybe?).

    i have heard of, for instance, the brIq (, however, it is too expensive and overpowered for the sort of stuff that i want to do -- i only need a couple hundred megahertz of power, and would only need a small amount of memory. this is sort of the type of thing i was looking for.

    any ideas?
  2. jeremy.king macrumors 603


    Jul 23, 2002
    Fuquay Varina, NC
    How important is Firewire? The Sharp Zaurus SL-5X00 PDAs will run linux, have USB, support serial connections, and have an audio out port. These run around $150-$200 on eBay.
  3. ravenvii macrumors 604


    Mar 17, 2004
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    Well it's not exactly small, nor has Firewire, but the XBox can run Linux. :)
  4. firewire2001 thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Apr 2, 2002
    Hong Kong
    unfortunately i need a device that supports firewire; and also, it isnt necessary for the device to include a screen of any sort.

    basically i want to hook up an ipod to such a device, and have a controller and lcd screen to display song titles from the ipod.

    basically what i want to do is to be able to have four inputs/outputs to such a linux device: (1) an ipod through firewire (2) a type of remote controller through a com port (3) an lcd screen through a com port to display track names (4) audio out to play songs

    the device would mount the ipod and organize the songs. a remote control would be able to choose songs whose titles would be displayed on the lcd screen. finally, an audio out port would send songs to an amplifier.

    oh, btw, this would be used in a car.

    its a big project that im trying to take on. trying to find a venue for running linux is the first step.

    i would really appreciate any further suggestions -- and thanks a lot for the suggestions ive gotten so far

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