Small piece of wood stuck in headphone jack...

Kamera RAWr

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May 15, 2007
Sitting on a rig somewhere
Just as the thread title says, I have a small piece of wood down in the headphone jack. I work in a plywood mill and keep the phone in my pocket. Usually no problems until today. I noticed the small piece and tried to get it out, but that only pushed it in deeper. Anybody have a good idea on how I might try to get it out? I've tried turning upside down and "banging" it on my hand, but doesn't come out any further... must be wedged in a little bit.

Please, any helpful ideas?! :eek:


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Jul 10, 2007
LOL, you work in a wood mill and you're asking US how to get wood out of something? Surely this kind of thing happens at your job fairly often...someone there must be good at removing splinters. No?

Ok, what about tweezers? Jewelers' tweezers would be best. Or eyeglass repair tweezers.

A very fine Dremel bit and a steady hand would be my next choice. If you do it, do it upside down. (mantra of horny astronauts)

Barring those, know any friendly reliable termites?

Jade Cambell

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Sep 14, 2007
My iPhone's headset came with one end of the circular white part around the end bumping out a little bit. Right when the metal part that goes into the iPhone comes to an end, the circle of white plastic right around it doesn't quite hug it tightly because there is a folded piece of plastic, or an extra piece of plastic making one side bump out slightly.

It makes the headphones plug very tightly into the iPhone, and they can only be plugged in when the fat end is facing the direction that has the lowest wall around the very recessed headphone jack.

I don't have an issue with this. It's just fine for me, and has never inconvenienced me in the slightest. The next time I happen to be in an apple store, i'll show them the headset and ask them to exchange it. That's what they did when my iPod earbuds started coming apart.
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