iPod Smart playlist question


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Mar 24, 2005
I have a 6GB iPod mini. My main smart playlist uses three other smart playlists: 300 least recently played (LRP) songs, 300 newest added (NEW) songs, 300 random (RND) songs that aren't in the other two playlists.

How does iTunes/iPod deal with the 300 random songs? It doesn't appear to pick a brand new 300 every time I update (it doesn't load that many songs). Perhaps it justs replaces the ones from that list that I've listened to since the last update. Perhaps it never updates this list aside from removing songs that collide with the LRP and NEW playlists when they change.

The reason I ask is sometimes it feels like I hear songs more often than I should based on having a 900 song playlist, and having 300 of them always being LRP (by definition I shouldn't hear them very often).

Thanks - Greg

redeye be

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Jan 27, 2005
I'd think iTunes does not completely update the smart playlist.
If I want one updated, I just delete everything in the playlist (cmd-A, backspace)


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Mar 10, 2004
Bergen, Norway
Add another constraint to the Random playlist: Not played in the last 1 day, and check Live Updating. That way it will replace songs as they are played.