SMC reset doesn't work, battery not charging


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May 25, 2017
Hi there,
I am having a charging issue with my macbook pro, worked fine yesterday then my toddler put the end of the magsafe cord in her mouth for a second before I could stop her, and a few hours later I plugged it in to charge and the magsafe led wouldn't come on and battery wouldn't charge. She has done this a few times before and I never had any issues. It may be the cause of my issue or may just be a coincidence.

I have cleaned the cord end and port with a toothpick then alcohol and cotton swab, still nothing. Tried different outlets. Springs in the cord end appear to be working fine. I don't have another cord to try. The battery is gaining a tiny bit of charge very slowly, it was at 2% for a while now at 3%, but status says battery not charging. So I'm wondering if it's a different problem. I've scoured all the forums I can find and done a safe mode restart, and a NVRAM reset.

I've tried to do an SMC reset about a dozen times with different lengths of time holding the buttons down (up to a minute!), with cord plugged in or not, etc., but the SMC reset will not work. There is no light change on the cord, and the battery preferences do not get reset, which is the only way I have read to tell if it worked. I have followed the instructions on a couple of sites and the apple support site to the T. Is there any other solution to get the SMC reset to work?? Otherwise I will buy a new cord and see if that works. But I am still curious why the reset won't work, that seems odd. Thanks for any help!


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Jan 23, 2017
In my opinion, if there is no physical damage you can see, and if a SMC reset, PRAM reset, and cleaning the terminals on both the charger and the port do not help, the best way to get to the bottom of this is to take the charger and the computer to an Apple Store (or Apple Authorized Service Provider - appointments are much easier to get) and have them run comprehensive diagnostics that will test both the charger and the computer itself for hardware failure. This diagnostic testing should be free, regardless of your system's warranty status.
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