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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sstevens, Aug 22, 2013.

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    Oct 14, 2012
    Let's say I am texting someone who has an iPhone, so iMessage has been enabled. Their phone then gets shut off or is "dead" meaning any further text I send will then be sent as an SMS. Why is it that sometimes the green message (text) says "Sent as Text Message" on the bottom and sometimes is not?

    Does the "Sent as Text Message" kind of mean the "Delivered" of iMessage? Does "Sent as Text Message" only appear when they are in spotty coverage or when their phone is off?

    For example, I've sent a friend who is in another country traveling and I've been the only one sending messages for a whole day - they've been green so obviously he has no service to receive. One message has the "Sent as Text Message" underneath whereas a couple following messages do not. After a couple hours of not sending, I send another, and the "Sent as..." appears.

    Basically, does "Sent as Text Message" kind of confirm that it was "delivered" and "read" or does it just do it randomly and all the messages will appear at once once the receiver gets back into service range or has phone on?

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    Sent as Text Message is shown to tell you that a message you sent to someone that normally uses iMessages could not send as an iMessage, but had to be sent as SMS.

    I would imagine it shows when you haven't sent them a message in a while, as a reminder that it is not able to send to them as an iMessage, but that this message disappears after because it knows that you are already aware.

    With SMS, there is no "delivery" system such as there is with iMessage.

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