Snow Leopard wont install got error help!

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Tinkerbots, Jun 15, 2018.

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    Hi, I'm installing on an upgraded Mac mini 1.1 (now 2.1) with a T7400 processor and 3Gb ram. The disc is recognised and boots up. It seems to stop after a while, with 23 or so minutes left. I've rebooted about 5 times. It gets a bit further each time, but only a bit. What do I need to do?

    I have screen shot the issue for you gues to see any help i would be really grateful for


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    If the disc you refer to is the Snow Leopard install DVD and you booted from this disc, the error message at the top of your screenshot would indicate that either the disc is bad or the DVD drive can't read the disc reliably because it's saying something is wrong with the Essentials.pkg file. If the DVD you're using is a real Apple one, check the condition of the DVD on the side that doesn't have the writing. If that looks OK, you might want to try an external DVD drive if you can get a hold of one. If you can't get an external DVD drive, if you have access to another Mac which has a Firewire port, you can go into Target Disk Mode. If you're using a copy of the Snow Leopard DVD, maybe the DVD has deteriorated or wasn't copied correctly.
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    Hi. Has twice succeeded in reaching 'Install Success ' screen, but won't boot. All sorts of errors on the log file before finishing install.

    It was working fine the day before yesterday running OS X Tiger. I've managed to boot up in single user mode. At the moment it's stuck on the grey boot screen (Apple logo) with the circular 'busy' animseation twirling round doing nothing else.

    I also ran disk checks via the install screen and in single user mode. I've also erased and repartitioned the disk. I've checked internal connections and tried it on another machine with a different spec

    Any ideas ????
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    As I mentioned in my previous post, the screenshot indicated that the Essentials.pkg file was bad. Besides the DVD and DVD drive, it could also be that this error occurred because your HDD malfunctioned when the file was copied to the HDD, which appears you also suspected as being a problem. If you used the Disk Utility First-Aid to check the HDD, the tests it does are not very comprehensive. It won't catch all problems on a HDD. You said you tried it on another computer - does it actually boot and run or does the computer just recognize it? If you haven't tried booting and running the OS from other computer, it doesn't say that the HDD is OK.

    You need to isolate each of the problem components and test an alternative to see what your problem is. So, if you suspect it's the HDD, that would mean trying a different HDD to see if it works. There is software which can do more extensive testing of the HDD, but they typically cost as much or more than a lower-capacity HDD.

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