So Apple/AT&T are screwing me... (kinda long but not too much)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by GraphicsGeek, Jul 2, 2010.

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    Sep 19, 2008
    June 15th: like most, I spent all day trying to preorder 2 iPhone 4's for my wife and I's lines. I couldnt get an order in so I called AT&T to make sure everything was OK on my account. It turned out that, even though both lines were upgraded on the same day last year (July 19th, iPhone 3GS'), only my wife's line was eligible for the early full upgrade. Mine wasnt due until February '11. After talking to a supervisor and arguing quite a bit, the rep finally agreed to let me get my early partial upgrade. I figured $499 was better than $699 for the 32GB. I gladly accepted.

    June 16th: I finally am able to get an order in for my wife's 16GB and my 32GB. Surprisingly, my line was able to get the 32GB at full subsidy ($299). I figured it was some sort of courtesy (first mistake) and didnt think anything about it as I happily ordered both phones. Both order confirmations arrive in my email with a July 2nd ship by date.

    June 30th: I wake up and check the balance of my checking account and noticed Apple had charged me for both phones. Woohoo! I check my order online and both phones still say "not yet shipped." I think, "OK maybe they just havent shipped yet." Later in the day I get a shipment notification that the 16GB had been shipped. Woohoo!

    July 1st: I look on and see that my 32GB finally says "prepared for shipment." Woohoo! A few hours later its back to "not yet shipped." "OK," I thought, "they still have a day to get it shipped since it says ships by July 2nd, not arrives on July 2nd. Ill just check back tomorrow."

    Today, July 2nd: I woke up this morning, hoping to find a shipping notification in my email for my 32GB. No email. "OK," I thought, "Ill give them a call on my lunch break today and see whats up." In the meantime Im checking my order online and it still saying "not yet shipped" while my wife's is on its way straight from the factory. I call Apple and their automated system tells me that the order is on hold because there is a problem with my account and to call AT&T. Hmm, my bill is automatically paid every month since I got the iPhone 2G on day 1 when switching from Sprint, so it cant be an unpaid bill. I call up AT&T and the guy Im speaking with says that he cant see any problems with my account. I asked him to check the upgrade eligibility date to make sure it still had me eligible to upgrade because I was thinking about canceling it and trying my luck at an Apple Store or Best Buy. He tells me it says Im not eligible to upgrade until February '11! I told him about the conversation I had with a supervisor about that date and how it was changed and that it reflected properly when I ordered the phones. So he decides to call Apple while on the phone with me to get a more accurate description of why its on hold. Well, hes on hold for almost an hour and I had to get back to work. So he told me a "commitment specialist" will stay on the hold with them and call me back later today with an answer to the problem.

    So here I am, apparently with no iPhone on order but charged for it and an upgrade date 7 months away. Ill wait to see what this "commitment specialist" says when I get called back but Im guessing Ill probably wont get that call back.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    Oh and to make matters worse, the order on Apple's website still says "not yet shipped" and I would have never known it was on hold unless I called. I still havent received an email or anything saying there was a problem.
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    You're certain you're still "charged" for both phones?

    Some people had pending charges that never went through. Are your charges pending?

    I assume whatever the mistake is, it will be righted. It's not like Apple is going to just hold on to your money.
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    Dec 8, 2009
    I was kind of in a similar situation. I was allowed a 199 upgrade instead of the 399 upgrade but mine shipped pronto. BTW i ordered from AT&T not Apple.
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    Double check your bank account, the initial "charges" weren't really charges but 3 day holds to check fund availability, most of us saw those drop off by the next Monday. The final charge went through when the packages were shipped. It sounds more like AT&T is screwed up again and not that anyone is purposely trying to screw you. Our Apple store did have stock today so it might be worth checking locally to see if you can find a phone that way as well.
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    Does not sound good. I'd go to a Corp AT&T store and ask to speak to the store manager. Hopfully that person can clear this up.

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