So.....did anyone see Trading Spouses tonight?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by yg17, Oct 20, 2006.

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    I normally don't advocate watching reality TV crap, but I saw a commercial for tonight's episode during game 7 of the NLCS, so I just had to watch it. This is more of a rant on complete ignorance in small town America, but it should spark some lively debate.

    The 2 families involved were a family of southern Christians from a small town in Kentucky. If it wasn't for the nice house they had, and the fact they weren't driving a rusted pickup, I would've called them rednecks. They're a slight step above that. Then you had the family of orthodox Jews from Boston. They were all devoted to their religion, even some of their rituals to me seemed weird, and I'm Jewish (well, atheist, but born Jewish so close enough).

    Of course, you expected there to be some clashing. And certainly, there was. But I couldn't help but notice that the Kentucky family just seemed very ignorant of the Jewish beliefs. They didn't seem too intolerant (like that crazy bitch from Louisiana a while ago), they just didn't know anything. They had no idea what kosher was (I'd always thought everyone had heard of it and knew that it was Jewish dietary laws, even if they didn't know what the exact laws were). The Kentucky mother seemed to not know that the Jews were praying to god, and she seemed shocked to learn that Jews don't believe in Jesus at all. She referred to a synagogue as a church and asked him "What do y'all do there?" and she saw Hebrew writing and thought it was Arabic. It just seemed like overall, they had no idea other religions besides Christianity existed. Is this completely normal in small town America?

    I go to college in a small town whose Christian population is probably well over 95% (and last I heard, the chapter of AEPi here, the "Jewish" fraternity, has 1 actual Jew in it, to give you an idea), and the same ignorance is here too. A lot of intolerance by the evangelicals, but most just seem confused when you say you're Jewish. Like around the holidays, if someone asks me what I'm doing for Christmas, I have no problem saying my family celebrates Chanukah, but most people here just say "what the hell is that?"

    I come from St. Louis. I grew up there, I still consider that my home. College is just a home away from home. And we're a pretty diverse city. My high school had students from all walks of life with pretty much every major religion covered (although Judaism was a huge majority, we were dubbed Little Jerusalem by other schools). I had history classes that taught us about pretty much every religion out there. As part of confirmation from religious school (pretty much the same thing as Christian confirmation), we visited churches and mosques to learn from their religious leaders and sit in on services there.

    Frankly, I think this world would be a better place without religion. None of this ignorance, none of this intolerance. It hasn't done anything except kill millions since the beginning of time. None of it has actually been proven, and most religions are based on texts thousands of years old that are just irrelevant nowadays. I'd love to just see it disappear. The only Jewish left in me is the fact my family's Jewish (and the big nose and cheapness, and uh....something else that happens to Jewish boys when they are born :D). In my opinion, everything I learned about our religion since I was a kid is a bunch of fairy tales and I might as well believe in the tooth fairy and the boogey man if I'm going to believe in god. But, as long as religion is a part of this world, would it be that difficult to at least educate people on something other than Christianity? Maybe if people learned from the start that its OK to believe in something entirely different, we wouldn't have all of these problems started by religion.....
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    Those shows take the worst they can find and put it up there to ridicule. And people are more than happy to participate for money and to be on TV. But there are people like that out there. Call it ignorance, or laziness, or small mindedness. Not everybody's like that, but it's scary that a surprisingly large number of people still are.

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