iPad So I took my granddaughter's 5th gen out of the case to take photos of it to sell it, and...


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May 16, 2015
i hate cases i mean we pay for something super thin and sleek then we put a huge case on it.
Yeah, even if the iPad is literally paper thin, we would still add the thickness back to what it once was by using a case. Or in that case, a folder? Hard to understand.

Unless case provides some utility, I don’t like using a case just for the sake of using a case. We could’ve manufactured the device the way we want the case for: a bit more rigid and less slippery.
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May 6, 2013
I loved the original champagne gold on the iPhone 5s, but thought the gold was a bit too gold on the iPhone 6. Happily bought the gold Mini 5, as I ideally wanted the rose gold of the Pros. The new gold is more rose gold, while the rose gold was more pink.

Have there now been 3 golds on the iPads? Not sure which iPads had which colours, except that the 6th Gen, Mini 5 and 7th Gen got the pinky gold.


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Sep 16, 2006
Down south
Well, I wouldn't let my grandkids have iPads without cases.

But I was really just posting because I'm so bummed they don't still have that gold - it was so pretty. I loved it on the original watch too.
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rui no onna

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Oct 25, 2013
i hate cases i mean we pay for something super thin and sleek then we put a huge case on it.
I don't pay for an iPad because it's super thin. I pay because it offers the best user experience on a tablet.

No doubt an unpopular opinion but I actually prefer plastic chassis with soft touch coating. That said, I carry my iPad in a purse where it could get scratched by keys, etc. so I'd still put the iPad in a slim, portfolio type case. The Smart Case clones work quite nicely for me.


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Feb 11, 2020
I loved the pink phone. I now have an android device because it seemed like at the time there was more functionality and it did more than the current new iphone of the time. Its purple and it has a purple case. I personally think cases are a necessity unless you have a really great insurance plan on your phone. My bf bought his kid an ipad for his birthday last month and while waiting for the case to come in the kid dropped it and cracked the screen. He had insurance on it but it still cost him $50 dollars to replace, a week of waiting and using a broken Ipad and now has only one more replace on this insurance policy. As expensive as Apple products are I think the insurance should be included, no additional charge and it should cover it as many times as you break it, not just two times.


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Apr 24, 2016
i hate cases i mean we pay for something super thin and sleek then we put a huge case on it.
With iPad most cases help prop the device up to make media consumption more comfortable. Hard to avoid as the device doesn’t have a kickstand.

Not everyone uses the stuff just plain on a table or has the strength to hand-hold it all the time.

Besides a case to many buyers (wrap stuff included) is a way to personalise a device.
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