So if the new iPad has an almost double density battery....

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kre62, Mar 7, 2012.

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    On Apples website it lists the tech specs of the new iPad. One of them is the new 42.5whr battery. The iPad2 has a 25whr battery. So the new iPad has almost 2x the battery. Presumably this is done due to the power hungry LTE.

    My question is, if the WiFi version has the same battery, shouldn't it get 20+ hours? I wonder if they will cripple it in some way. The site lists the same battery for the WiFi models, but if its lacking cell circuitry, it should be sipping about as much juice as the iPad 2.


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    The larger battery is for the Retina display as well. There's a disclaimer saying life will vary depending on the setup. So it could be more or less depending on the iPad you get.
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    No, because the display requires much more power than the cellular transceiver.

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