So if Trump is Hitler, is Clinton Mussolini?

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    Ask these folk since they actually make such a claim and it's a doozy of a read:

    Excerpt, you will find much more controversial stuff in the actual article:

    Article has more.

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    As a liberal democrat, I hate to say this, as I'm sure it will be used against me,-- but Mussolini's corporatism wasn't a novel scheme to hand over political power to for-profit corporations. Instead, it was a scheme to organize all elements of the Italian economy at the national level.

    Liberal societies are based around the idea of competition among competing interest groups.
    Theoretically, Clinton is not campaigning for the adulation of the electorate, in the absence of any alternative. She's campaigning against Stein, and Johnson, and a bunch of other alternatives, each of whom is free to articulate an political vision that might well appeal to voters.

    In our courts, the prosecutors case can be attacked, rebutted, and perhaps ultimately defeated by a capable defense layer.

    In our legislatures laws are proposed, and debated in an atmosphere of partisanship, dissent, and factionalism. Even our economic system is based on the idea that "competition" is preferred and monopolies are not.

    Out of this atmosphere of competition, dissent, and pluralism, we hope to reap richer rewards than if things were prearranged.

    Fascism is a critique of this society emerging out of the competition between individuals. It does not appreciate the serendipitous emergent structure, and proposes that society as a whole is more important than the individuals within it. As an organism is more important than any individual cell, so too is the state more important than the individual.

    Thus: labor strikes are criminal; political dissent is treason; independent artistic expression castigated s decadence.

    Fascism is a scheme to keep individuals in their place, to cement those social relations which are convenient to the state, and to upend those that are not.

    The societies that Zero hedge admires tend to be more fascist than the societies that Zero Hedge critiques. Consider, just for a moment-- Russia, with it's state owned media monopolies and its state owned energy companies, and the Russia state itself, which hardly seems to serve as an instrument of the governed.

    Is the influence of large private corporations upon a ostensibly democratic legislature troublesome? Yes indeed. But it's not a Fascist innovation -- , and hardly specific to Fascist societies.
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    The Hitler-Mussolini analogy is inaccurate.

    The better analogy is Hitler and Stalin….. the role model pair of frenemies. Below I post a photograph of Hitler and Stalin, socializing along with their spouses, before the signing of the Molotov von-Ribbentropp Pact. That was a friendlier time between the two horrible tyrants.

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