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    I just bought my iPhone last Sunday. Everything has been working fine up until tonight. I've had 3G service everywhere until tonight, my 3G is non-existant at my house. I always had 3G signal, but all night, my phone has downgraded to EDGE and is now on GPRS only.

    I tried resetting my network settings. No luck. Tried turning the phone on and off, no luck.

    Should I call AT&T or go get my phone replaced?
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    For the heck if it, have you tried putting it in airplane mode and off again? Or turning off 3G and back on again?
    If all else fails, try restoring your phone.
    If that doesn't work, I'd call AT&T for info. if there is an outage. If not, it could be the phone, so then I would take it to the Apple store.

    Good luck! :)

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