So is there an app to meet single people who share your interests(with iPhones)?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by wikoogle, May 21, 2010.

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    My sister just asked me! I guess she wants to meet/date other single people she can share her love of Steve Jobs with. :rolleyes:

    Japanese phones have this app for singles, where you enter your interests, and the Phone starts beeping when you are in proximity of a single person of the opposite sex that shares the same interests as you.

    It's actually a pretty popular way for people to approach each other and meet, and they usually have something immediate to break the ice with or talk to each other about. And this got me thinking why there is nothing similar to this on the iPhone.

    So any suggestions for such an app fellow iPhonites?
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    Check out WhosHere. I haven't had any first hand experience but it basically does what your looking for I believe.
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    Thank you. Whoshere actually seems a little more popular than Urban Signals.

    Is there anything that's even more popular?
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