So now that the dust has settled. How do you feel about your 2018 MacBook Pro purchase?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Jacoblee23, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. Jacoblee23 macrumors 65816

    Nov 10, 2011
    13" 8gb of ram 512 SSD owner here. Upgraded from a 2017 MBP. I love the keyboard, the much improved speakers, and for some reason I feel like my battery life is a bit better. I am probably going to keep this machine for the next two to three years. Loving it.
  2. cwazytech, Aug 3, 2018
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    cwazytech macrumors 6502


    Jan 7, 2009
    2018 13in maxed (i7; 16gigs; 2TB) out and so far so good. It’s my first laptop. Upgrade from a late 2012 iMac.
  3. cvm19 macrumors newbie

    Jul 22, 2014
    Keyboard is significantly better than the 2017 model. That little silicone strip dramatically improves the feel of the rebound at the bottom of each key press.

    For me, the 6-core i9 behavior isn’t noticeably different from the 4-core i7. I was expecting radically faster big-program load times (e.g., InDesign, Illustrator) with the new SSD, but other than the keyboard, it doesn’t _feel_ much different from the 2017. It _is_ measurably a few percent quicker for the things I do, but the “speed feel” is not noticeably different for me.

    The dominant benefit of the 2018 upgrade for me is absolutely the keyboard.
  4. haruhiko macrumors 601


    Sep 29, 2009
  5. CreeptoLoser macrumors 6502


    Jul 28, 2018
    Birmingham, Alabama
    It’s everything I wanted it to be.

    Going forward I’d like a 4K screen with better support for Rec 2020 and AdobeRGB. I’d also like to stream HDR movies from iTunes.
  6. sennomulo macrumors member

    Jul 18, 2018
    I went from a 2015 13" to a 2018 15" and I love everything about this machine. Even the controversial parts: I like the keyboard. I like the gigantic trackpad. I like the Touch Bar. I like the lack of touch screen (I'm not going to pay extra money to smudge my screen up with fingerprints). I like the super-thin design even at the expense of USB-A; I bought a Bluetooth mouse and a dongle for the odd occasion when I want to use my drawing tablet or a flash drive or something. No big deal. MagSafe was nice, but being able to charge from both sides of the laptop makes up for its absence.

    The screen is gorgeous. True Tone is a nice touch. The speakers are amazing, no other laptop on the market comes even close to this. The overall design is so sleek, and the Space Gray color is really pleasing on the eye. I haven't had time to test the battery life yet, but from others' reports it should be very good. The six cores are insanely fast. The SSD is insanely fast. The Radeon Pro 555x is not the fastest graphics card out there, but it's fantastic for my gaming needs. It won't play the latest first-person shooters at ultra settings, but I personally prefer strategy/simulation/sandbox games, and it handles those with ease.
  7. Lvivske macrumors 6502


    Aug 22, 2011
    this thread is making me feel better, the bridge error thread was making me feel like 100% of buyers were having issues and I should back off my purchase.
  8. ksj1 macrumors newbie

    Jul 17, 2018
    I'm loving mine (i9/32/512). Much better for my needs (dev) than my previous mid-2015 top end.
  9. littlepud macrumors regular


    Sep 16, 2012
  10. Smeaton1724 macrumors 6502a


    Sep 14, 2011
    Leeds, UK
    I was going to get a 13” but ended up with a 15” 2.6/512/560X instead. Love the speed and capability of the machine, still getting used to the size of the device!
  11. leman macrumors G3

    Oct 14, 2008
    It’s a significant upgrade from the 2016 I’ve been using before, and lets me do my work with less interruptions. I’m still replacing it next year when next gen CPUs/GPUs are coming out.
  12. RobbieTT macrumors regular


    Apr 3, 2010
    United Kingdom
    Really enjoying the 2018 MBP. The only niggle I have found is an issue with Apple Pay on migrated user accounts vs T2 enclave. Everything else has been stunning and way-above my expectations.
  13. gigapocket1 macrumors 65816

    Mar 15, 2009
    Ah.. I’m not to sure. Upgraded from a 2016 15# to a 2018 15 inch. Added 32 gigs of ram vs 16. Speed difference is definitely minimal I feel like. It def runs 2 monitors better than the 16.

    But I’m not sure. I’m going to keep testing it. I’m wondering if I should have upgraded to 1tb. although I just cleared 130gigs off my computer giving me 200gigs free..
  14. upandown, Aug 4, 2018
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    upandown macrumors 6502

    Apr 10, 2017
    Great computer. Really well put together machine. 13 i7

    edit: I love they keyboard too. It just feels better. Theres more than enough travel and I like the big keys.
  15. duyxbox macrumors newbie

    Aug 10, 2015
    happy with my 15' (base model) so far, still need to get familiar with the keyboard (I came from 13' - 2015 with max option).
  16. maflynn Moderator


    Staff Member

    May 3, 2009
    I'm very happy with my MBP.

    The keyboard is ok in terms of feel, I've gotten used to it, even if its not my cup of team. Time will tell about its durability. The performance is outstanding, the display is gorgeous.

    I have absolutely no buyers remorse, compare that with the Razer I bought (and returned) and I had a had some level of buyers remorse that was difficult to pin down, but as I contemplated what I was going through, I realized I missed the macOS/Apple ecosystem. Since coming to that conclusion, I've been extremely satisfied with this purchase :)
  17. dan9700 macrumors 68020


    May 28, 2015
    No diff from 2017 the i9 with patch still is running so low
  18. Newtons Apple macrumors Core

    Newtons Apple

    Mar 12, 2014
    Jacksonville, Florida
    When it is doing nothing, it will be slow.
  19. Marketh macrumors member


    Jul 21, 2018
    Manchester, UK
    Extremely happy with mine - It's exceeded even my high expectations. 13" i5/16GB/512GB. Upgraded from an early 2015 12" MacBook, so pretty much an improvement in every way you can imagine.
  20. SDColorado macrumors 68020


    Nov 6, 2011
    Highlands Ranch, CO

    Not so different from me in that regard :)

    I have only had mine since Wednesday, so not a ton of time spent with it. I am very happy with the performance, screen is beautiful, none of the issues that I have read in various other threads (io bridge, speakers crackling, light bleed, etc.)

    If I had any buyers remorse at all it is that I opted for the i9/32/512 and *may* exchange it for an i7/32/1TB model.
  21. AdamA9 macrumors 65816

    Feb 2, 2010
    Moving from a 2013 maxed out MacBook Pro 13-inch to a 2018 maxed out 13-inch I couldn't be happier.

    Notwithstanding the speak issues, it has been perfect so far. Love the keyboard, the Touch Bar and the speed. Couldn't ask for more. When I finally settle on an eGPU that works for me it'll be the perfect package.
  22. Fishrrman macrumors G5


    Feb 20, 2009
    "So now that the dust has settled..."

    The "dust" hasn't settled yet.

    Wait about 6 more months, and it will be settling down...
  23. coreyk macrumors member


    Oct 20, 2011
    SF Bay Area
    Upgraded from a 2016 13” MBP to a 2018 13” MBP. No regrets whatsoever, I’m loving the new machine. I don’t pay attention to synthetic benchmarks, I’m only interested in how it works for me. I personally liked the 2016 keyboard, but the 2018 sounds and feels better. Performance and responsiveness when coding and compiling is noticeably improved with the jump from 2 to 4 cores (the main reason I upgraded, even typing into my code editor is more responsive). True Tone is extremely enjoyable to use on the Mac.

    There are a few issues that I consider minor and don’t particularly care about:
    - The fans spin up more often than they did on the 2016 when under load, but it doesn’t make much difference to me because I don’t think they’re very loud.
    - A few of my Monoprice USB-C accessories stopped working with the 2018 model. I emailed their tech support but never received a response. I have others from Anker and Apple that work so it’s not much of a loss.
  24. Johnny Steps macrumors 6502

    Johnny Steps

    Jun 29, 2011
    Enjoying mine so far. I opted for the 15” 512GB model and it’s been great. Admittedly, I was concerned about the temperature the laptop seemed to be at to which a poster here on the forums reassured me it was normal for what I was doing. I feel as if I should have gotten a 1TB model, but if anything, it’s better to have an external drive to also have backups in case something goes wrong with the main drive on the computer.

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