So what did the campaigns know and when....

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    did they know it?

    The reason I pose this question is there was a report that the Clinton campaign cancelled a fireworks show on Monday. Did their internal polling tell them something? Was is showing them losing or that it was going to be a close race and not called at 11pm like Obama in 2012. After all, no one is going to want to hear fireworks at 2:30am.

    I know Trump's campaign has alway talked about the undercounted voters. Turns out these voters were the ones that put him over the top. Was this wishful thinking or did they have polling that told them this.

    These campaigns have much more in-depth polling the the media, so they know a whole lot more about what is going on. As bad as the media missed this, did the campaigns?
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    Trump obviously knew the states to hit the last week. So they had some knowledge of where to send the campaign. Everyone was saying trump was nuts to be hitting Wisconsin so hard.
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    There were a dozen states that were "unknown" prior to the election, and only about 6 of these were identified by CNN, though the rest were identified if you looked at rational news sources and not just the Clinton News Network.

    Many on the left gave me crap about picking Trump by 20 points, however the electoral map that I used was pretty accurate, and initially published in February of this year.

    The campaigns both had poling data from each of these states, as well as early voting data which showed how many from each party had voted - as well as independently collected polling data on early voting. I was called in NC by two different poll takers, and both asked me if I had early voted.

    This data is purchased by the candidates for the states they care about, and they can make campaign determinations based on what they get fro these independent polling groups.

    Trump clearly had the right information, and capitalized on it in nearly every one of these states that was close.

    Good for Trump.

    Hillary surrounded herself with sycophants who told her it was all wrapped up and no way Trump could win...
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    I think the candidate's polling is better than the news media polling, but what kind of ***** would they take if people found out that the polls came from the candidate.
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    The Russians told Trump he was going to take the W

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