So what's it take to go to far & get fired by Breitbart? Being too racist?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by JayMysterio, Jun 5, 2017.

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    Maybe someone pointed out to Breitbart that the right wing of the USA had roundly denounced anyone who suggested, in the wake of the September 11 attacks, that anything about the USA's behavior or attitudes towards Muslims (here or elsewhere) had anything to do with the attacks.

    McHugh had taken that one step further, seeming to suggest that London invited terror attacks by Muslims just via having them there, never mind whatever other Londoners' attitudes towards them might be.

    "Blame the victim" is not usually a great tactic for hanging onto a readership any more.

    It's almost comical that McHugh then mislabeled Pej Vahdat's ethnicity. That's not really a step further than what happened here after 9/11. Right wingers sometimes did say that the "ragheads" should all go back where they came from. Maybe we in the US should all have to take a couple courses in ancient history and world geography to graduate high school, so as not to embarrass ourselves so often when we speak of other countries and cultures.
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    In the past few years I've heard of comical instances where Israeli's were referred to as "Muslim terrorists" in airports and in stores. Somehow I don't think the average American could tell the differences in language. I recall a Greek couple being accosted here earlier this year in the northern part of the state, I think it was. This woman presumed they were speaking a language that was either Spanish or Arabic. Truly hilarious. Lady should have brushed up on her history. We invited the Asians, the Greeks, the Spaniards, the Italians, the Irish, et al. to come here when they were turned away via racism over a century ago, the Chinese ban and Japanese internment set aside, since those were national laws.
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    Breitbart is "intellectually" dishonest with a "hidden" agenda. They're not conservative, they're fake news. Actually, they're not intellectual and they're not hidden. Just fake news. The very essence of covfefe. A polished version of Infowars.
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    People make claims on this forum that Breitbart reporters get fired for.

    If ever we needed any evidence that this place turns a blind eye to prejudices, then we need look no further.

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