So... Who has bought a movie on iTunes?


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Nov 2, 2003
San Francisco, CA
I bought one, just to try the system out. I wanted to see the quality. I have a MacBook.

So, I bought Sweet Home Alabama. It took a couple hours to download, but I started watching it about like 15 minutes after it started up. Hmmm so where to start.

Buying experience - Just like buying an iTunes song or album. See the trailer if you want. Click buy. It starts downloading. No big deal. As long as you're on broadband, you should be able to start watching it ten minutes or so after you click play.

Video quality - I watched it on the macbook, and I thought it looked great. Some of the really hard lines looked a bit softer than a DVD, but really, I had to look hard to tell. Considering that the macbook has a higher resolution than a 720p display, I have to think that they'd look fine on my HDTV. I travel a lot for my job and i'm curious how battery life is watching one of these movies vs. watching a DVD, since a disk doesn't need to spin. Anyone done any tests in relation to this?

iPod quality - obviously it's very sharp. Whether or not the screen is too small is your call. I think it is too small for a movie, but fine for shows.

So I guess I have four issues that need to be resolved before I say this thing is the best thing since sliced bread.
iTV - Apple needs this thing to work as well as I think it will.
HD - As long as the file size is this big, might as well bump it up even more and give us 720P movies.
NAS - Network attached storage. I'd love to have my movies on an always-on storage device rather than have to have my Mac on for my iTV to stream.
Titles - They did it with music, now they need to with movies. Disney, and only Disney, isn't enough for everyone.

What do you guys think? What has your experience been?

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Nov 4, 2002
UK, France
Yeah I want to start seeing iTunes vs. UnBox stats soon, to see how things are going. Without a video iPod and international movies, there's not going to be anywhere near the kind of buzz that made iPod and iTunes the kings of digital music though.

As for me, along with 5.7 billion other people in the world my experience of movies on iTunes is non-existant.


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Feb 22, 2006
I've downloaded a couple for my kids. Vallant and Herbie. I have a 17inch G5 IMac and Herbie looked great on it. Vallant I couldn't have full screen because it was a little fuzzy around the eyes but I reduced the screen image down a little and it looked great. They both look great on my iPod and you know my kids could care less about it being a small screen and most of the time I don't either.

My daughter came home from High School (9th grade) last Friday and told me 4 kids in her study hall were all watching movies downloaded from iTunes on their iPods. People are buying them.