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    I think the vast majority of members here would state that Obama's policies do not represent 'socialism'. And I think that Obama would certainly agree that he does not support 'socialism'. But I'm wondering... is whether or not a large faction of his supportive base EXPECTS socialism from him.

    These types of videos have been floating around conservative parts of the web sometime now... and I'm wondering what everyone here thinks of them. Obviously there are numerous 'crazies' in each political party... but just how large of a segment does this group of Obama supporters represent?

    Just how many people think that BO is going to take care of their mortgage payments, pay for their gas, improve their McDonalds' benefits, and get them a home? How large of a group is it? I'd like to know what the community thinks.

    I'll leave you with this:
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    The third video has already been removed because of a TOS violation.

    The other two share a common thread: an obvioius belief by the speakers that the system is rigged against them, that they'll never be able to afford even a small vehicle, gas, or a roof over their heads, and that the previous administration didn't give a crap about their problems.

    Of course, if you read some of the comments following those articles (or the headlines of adjacent video clips, see below), you'll see that the posters think these people are asking for free homes and cars. :rolleyes:

    So the question, how many Obama fans think he's going to buy them everything, is irrelevant. It has nothing to do with these clips.

    And the crazies are not the women in these clips, but the people who listen to these women speaking plain English and somehow hear expectations of some kind of government-provided freebies.

    And then post misleading headlines on YouTube and call black people the N word.

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    I think one thing your missing is some uninformed voters may think of Obama as a liberal or a socialist - most truly liberal Americans view him as a moderate.

    That being said many of the formally not involved voters who came out to vote for Obama, if they pay attention, will see quickly Obama is no liberal or socialist. Im sure it will be a blow to them on some level and many of them will never vote again - this is their own fault for believing the hype rather than doing any real research into the candidates when it mattered most - the beginning of the primaries.

    (I was for Kucinich in the Primaries - just a disclaimer:) )
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    Some people have unrealistic expectations from their President that will NEVER happen. Welcome to reality. What percentage of these people are presented amongst a President's supporters? Unknown. Likely small. I'm sure George W Bush had a collection of supporters that believed unrealistic things about his Presidency, and moreover, unfair things about his opponent. That's actually how politics works. Welcome to the YouTube generation, where we can see this ignorance on full display. The infamous Zogby poll has been discreditted, I don't think these video clips even arise to the level of needing to be discredited. They don't have much credence or integrity to begin with, except when viewed as evidence that people can be quite silly, even on important things.

    ~ CB
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    It's nice when your cycle reaches the posting stage. I hate the stage when you're away and either banned or sulking, it sucks. I enjoy your posts, no matter how strange they might come across as sometimes. So thanks for posting this.

    In regards to this thread, I think that the two videos don't represent the 'crazies' out there. The first woman is, like many other people in the US, a victim of the system that makes the rich/poor divide wider and looks after the wealthiest people in the country. She's desperate but not looking for socialism (which, despite being a bad word in America, isn't an evil thing). She's looking for a leader to lead the country into a position where people don't have to sleep themselves and their kids in a small car. In a position where 50+m have access to healthcare.

    The second woman certainly doesn't seem to be asking the government to pay her mortgage and fuel. She's saying that Obama is going to make it easier for poor folk instead of harder.

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