Software could trip up Nokia's iPhone rival

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Apr 12, 2008.

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    Well I think this is quite obvious.

    The iPhone hardware is quite lacking in areas as many people keep pointing out. But the two things that make the iPhone so successful are 1. 'Multi-touch' - theres just nothing like it from what I have seen. The gesture support makes the iPhone a joy to use. My brother has an LG Viewty and while it tries to be an iPhone it is so sorely lacking on the touch screen department. Theres a delay and you have to press quite hard to get a response. After using the iPhone then the Viewty, the Viewty gets quite annoying because it is a lot less responsive. All other touch screen devices I've got my hands are are similar to the Viewty.

    The second and the most important thing that makes the iPhone so successful is the software. Apple got it right at the beginning and its going to be very hard for anyone else to come up with anything else as elegant and so simple to use. The iPhone is all about the software and theres nothing better than OSX in my opinion.
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    Jul 19, 2002

    However, I think that it is relatively easy to add a better camera, GPS and other hardware options.

    The key is the software, and that is where Apple has the lead.
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    Hardware is lacking in some areas, ahead in others (thinness, storage, battery life, screen size, metal/glass shell, tilt sensor, touchscreen, high-def video out, WiFi, processor speed, etc.)--much like when you compare any two products. Software, though, is no contest. And when you USE a device (as opposed to dreamily listing bullet points) that matters more.
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    The iPhone software isnt flawless, though. The article link completely freezes up my iPhone every time :)
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    I think Safari on my iphone is more stable than on my MBP! Minus the Flash support, and smaller screen, I enjoy browsing better on my iphone. I would love someone using "Blazer" to say that! Most people are actually the most impressed with the voicemail!
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    Sort of what has happen to the Zune, v1 not very good, v2 much better. But then the iPhone/Touch came out and pushed the bar further ahead.

    Apple is pushing the bar higher all the time especially when v2 comes out for the iPhone.

    Apple aren't standing still and while companies are releasing products that compete with v1 v2 will be out.

    IMO the one major thing holding back the iPhone at this point in time is the tied to one operator deal. It is not the 90s anymore.
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    @ xUKHCx I doubt Apple really needs to sell through every carrier. Like the Mac OS / hardware integration, their current setup maximizes their profit margin on each unit, rather than focusing on market share. I do agree that once Nokia gets their blatant clone out of the gates it will already be 2 steps behind the iPhone.

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