Software Makers Get an iPhone Bump

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 21, 2008.

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    Link: Software Makers Get an iPhone Bump
    Description:: The release of an iPhone application boosts the fortunes of mobile software-application makers overall

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    Thats good

    Thats good to hear... iPhone apps are being used and its helping developers ...good news :)
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    This is hardly surprising. I mean, Apple has done a superb job of taking things that people either didn't bother doing before, or couldn't really do very easily before on their phones, and given these people a chance to do those things. I could browse the web on a Razr, but compare it to the web on a Smartphone, and it's so much better. I no longer have my iPhone, but I still have my touch, and I swear, I take out my Macbook less and less now (not that it isn't with me...) simply because I can keep myself entertained/get certain internet/whatever related things done much faster and easier just pulling out my iPod. It really is exceptional, and I wish I still had my iPhone. Soon. What these companies are seeing is certainly that the utilisation of these features is more prevalent, most likely due to ease-of-use on the iPhone.

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