Soldiers charged for being on a gay website.

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by DakotaGuy, Feb 25, 2006.

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    and related topic...Sioux Falls, SD is having a "crusing problem" in local parks...,46285

    I decided to post these topics in the Politics area, because you never know where things will go in on the Community board when you are talking about an issue that might turn political.

    I think it was probably a bad idea for those guys to do the websites because they should know if their picture is posted all over the place someone is going to find out. I am sure they just wanted some extra money and maybe even liked the idea of making porn movies.

    The problem in Sioux Falls is funny because it seems the more conservative a place is supposed to be, the more things like this happen. Come on people, I don't care what you do with each other, just please take it to your private residence whether the sex is gay or straight. Hmmm... do you think some of these guys might be...gasp...married???

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    Wise. ;)

    I tend to agree. However they are professional soldiers, and as such will have signed some kind of contract. This contract might stipulate they can't be seen in pronographic material (either straight or gay). If this is the case then they made poor choices. [no comment here of the content of the contract in if they should have signed it or not]

    My feelings exaclty. What goes on between 2 (or more) consenting adults in the privacy of one's room has nothing to do with me, you, the rest of the world or even the government.
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    i found this line from the cruising article somewhat prejudiced:
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    Here's the most telling part of the entire article. Cruising happens everywhere, even in gay-loving SF so it's nothing new nor confined to homophobic areas. But, you're more likely to find married men and guys who are afraid to come out doing it where homophobia is high.

    I had a friend who lived in Atlanta for awhile in the late 90s. He said that half the guys he'd meet at the bars were married to women, oftentimes with kids. Nobody blinked an eye at what happened after dark as long as the facade was there.

    As far as the website is concerned. I don't know why the military takes such a strong interest in its soldiers personal lives. It smacks of paternalism in the worst way. Certainly the government has better things to spend its money on.
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    Agreed- but what were they thinking? They had to what would happen eventually.
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    Nothing but bad things come from repression and suppression. Just ask my ex. She came out to me a long time ago, but is still hiding it from pretty much everybody else, including not dealing with it herself. Gives me a personal look into the issue. I would think if more people came out, there would be more people who'd have to deal with it. Then I guess there wouldn't be anything to deal with.

    That, and I think many of those who speak out so vehemently against it are themselves gay.
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    Darn ...

    This will probably scare others and that means less gay genuine soldier porn. :( :p

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