Some contacts didn't transfer over?


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Oct 1, 2012
On my iPhone X, I performed a backup to iCloud before setting up my new iPhone XS Max. After setting up the new phone, I had lost dozens of contacts even though they were on my previous phone. All the settings on the iPhone X were correct that pertained to contacts/iCloud. Anyone else have this problem or find a fix for it?

On another note, I also noticed that in iOS 11, there used to be an option under phone settings / contacts that told the phone where to store/sync contact information. The options were "On this Phone" and "iCloud". I do not see this under iOS 12.


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Sep 26, 2015
I had the same problem but with messages. I called apple and they told me too bad basically.


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Jul 1, 2014
Sign into web iCloud and see if the contacts are there. If so, first, sign out of iCloud on the phone and re-enable iCloud.

Can also roll-back the Contacts database from iCloud website. Settings, then lower left, "Restore Contacts". Will provide a list of Contacts backups that can be restored.

As to "On this Phone" vs. "iCloud" in Contacts, you only get "On this Phone" when you either initially enter Contacts without iCloud on, or, turn off iCloud Contacts and tap "keep on this phone" when given the option re: what to do with contacts on the device. Worked this way in 11 as well, and probably older OSes as well (never paid much mind to that as I want my Contacts in iCloud).
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