Some good news for Canadians who want iPhone (at last)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by vanmacguy, Nov 29, 2007.

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    Aug 13, 2007
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    Ok, so it's not another "iPhone in Canada the day after tomorrow" thread, and I don't know when it's coming, sorry.

    This is bigger news. Reports in some of today's newspapers are saying the the Canadian Government is listening to mobile phone customers that have done nothing but complain about the way the Government has severely limited our choices (I'm one of those complainers).

    See this article for one about opening up the wireless spectrum to the non-giants of Canadian wireless.

    And I read in another article this morning (can't find an online link that works, sorry - if you can find it, please post it here for others to see) that says that the Government is opening up the wireless market.

    Some quotes from the article include:

    "The Government has answered the call to open the country's wireless sector to new competitors - a move the feds say will lower cellphone rates and improve services for Canadians"

    "Industry Minister Jim Prentice breaks a long-held monopoly on the country's wireless market by national service providers Bell, Rogers and Telus which together account for 95% of revenues and 94% of subscribers".

    The article doesn't say exactly what they are doing and of course it doesn't say when, but my point is that something is happening.

    Good news for the long term I think.

    Comments, criticisms, points of view?

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    That's good for down the road. But I want an iPhone now!!!:) hehehe
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    I just read it. Theyre leaving 40MHz of the 105MHz range to new telcos (ones with less than 10% marketshare).

    Although this may be good news for consumers, since competition results in lower prices, it has nothing to do with the iPhone as far as I can see. Unless apple wants to go with an un-known telco.

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