Some long-form and (I like to think) objective first impressions of the iPhone 5.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mattcube64, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Aaaaaaaaaaand before I go to bed on night two, I've finally got my phone just the way I want it.

    Settings all set up, apps all installed, wallpapers made, and battery about ready to get cycled. The only thing I don't have set up is my music, because I change a ~1gig playlist about once a week.

    Some Gravity Rush love:


    My "main" page (Screen #1) with the items I reference most.


    And before even doing a "true" cycle, I'm pretty happy with battery life. It's not spectacular, but it's solid, and shouldn't be a problem so long as I pick up a car charger.

    50% brightness
    Location Services on
    Push 5 email accounts, fetch every hour
    Wifi on (only connects at my house and work)
    LTE data on (everywhere else)
    Bluetooth off


    Loving this phone.

    I camped out for the first iPhone, and have since upgraded to a 3GS -> 4S -> 5.

    Every phone has brought quite a few monumental changes. The biggest thing going to the 3GS was the internet speed; coming from EDGE to 3G was huge. Going to the 4S, it was obviously the screen that blew me away - I can't even look at a 3GS equivalent screen, anymore. With the 5, I figured it would either be the taller screen or the faster internals that would get me; but it's really a combination of those said internals mixed with LTE. This phone flies. Period. I'm never waiting on it.

    Internet browsing certainly isn't as efficient as the desktop experience (nor as customizable); but for mobile internet, I really can't imagine it being any faster. The LTE loads pages like NeoGaf, Macrumors, CheapAssGamer, HardForum, The Verge, Engadget, etc nearly instantly. A split second to ping the site, and then it loads in the blink of an eye.

    The taller screen ... I'm still iffy about. I was actually quite content with the 3.5" on the other devices. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a "big screen hater." Heck, I like that Android gives choice - the S3 has a gorgeous display, and the size "seems" like it would be nice. But honestly, I just don't know after playing with the 5. It's not BAD by any means. But I have big hands, and it really was nice being able to easily reach the top left of the screen with my thumb. It's still do-able, and not difficult per se', but it's more challenging than before - if only slightly. I think I'm most shocked that Apple isn't really utilizing the extra space for anything. I mean... nearly nothing at all. The only plus I've seen of the taller screen is seeing more emails at once, and the calendar app is much more usable in portrait mode. All that said, the screen is gorgeous. The viewing angles are spectacular, and the pixel density is as amazing as ever. I personally feel it's a step above the 4S or the GSIII - but I think the Vita's OLED (which I find to be superior to the Galaxy's) is the best looking screen on the market - it just needs a higher PPI. In any case, though, there's no way the 5's screen could be disappointing.

    Build quality is great. It's light - but not as light as I was expecting after hearing all the early impressions. It still feels solid - and definitely not cheap. But the 4S's weight never bothered me in the slightest. I loved the glass of the 4, and it's hard to top it. That said, somehow the 5 in black really does look more modern. I don't know why; but it does. It just has that sci-fi stealth bomber look to it. It's gorgeous, if lacking in any risk.

    I initially felt I'd like the headphone port on the bottom - considering the whole "you put your phone in your pocket upside down argument"; but I didn't consider something - it gets in the way when typing/texting. It's hard to get comfortable around a headphone cable sticking out and pressing against just one of your hands. I wish it was on top.

    Home button feels way better than the 4S's or 3GS's. Has a much more tactile click.

    Voice quality seems pretty similar to the 4S, but there is a small improvement. Nothing amazing, though. It is *louder*, though, which I really appreciate. It's much easier to hear when in my car with the AC on high.

    All-in-all; about what I was expecting. It's an evolutionary update; with pretty much no surprises. It's all just more of the same, but better (save for the maps, which are extremely hit or miss. I don't have too much to comment on, but I will say even in my small area near Kansas City, it definitely is a downgrade from Google... though turn-by-turn works really well). Honestly, though, I don't know what I want at this point. More uniform color/design choices in the apps, and better utilization of the taller screen are about the only things bothering me at this point. There's nothing on Android I'm jealous of; and while the sleek design and text-orientation of Windows Phone is extremely sleek, I don't know if I'd necessarily call it more usable or intuitive.

    I'm not saying that's an excuse - I'm not getting paid the big bucks to innovate a company's product. But I am ready for a little (or preferably big) something out of Apple for the next iOS or hardware revision. I don't know what; but I'm hopeful it comes.

    The big takeaway for me, for the 5, is it's just so freaking fast and sleek. There are some quirks, but for the power user it'd be hard to really fault much of anything - and you definitely won't be waiting on it. And for the average consumer, it's damn near perfection at this point.
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    The phone is really fast. Love it. Nice review.
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    Maybe now that you can see more emails you can get that inbox down...

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