Some of the iTunes 1080p content won't play on Mac. <Solved>

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    Jan 23, 2008
    Bought an Apple TV 3, and started downloading the 1080p content on my mac. Streaming to Apple TV 3 is fine, however whenever I try to play some of the 1080p content, iTunes throws this error :-


    When I right-clicked on the content, for example, Touch Season 1, episode 6, and choose "Get info", I get this :-


    or Scandal, Season 1, episode 3 :-


    These content will not be transferred to the new iPad at all.

    I must admit some 1080p content do play, for example, Once upon a time. The Get Info netted me this:-


    As you can see from the above, those content that are unplayable are lacking certain metadatas like cover art, bit rates etc etc that are present in those are that playable on the mac.

    Anyone encounters the same problem?

    Incidentally, I'm running Lion 10.7.3 on a late 2008 17" MBP, and iTunes 10.6.1. System is fully updated.


    After reading this thread at the Apple discussion forum, I quitted iTunes, and run it in 32-bit. Everything works fine now and all the metadatas showed up.

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