Something in the water? Canadian Nationalist group denied access to UoT

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Zombie Acorn, Aug 16, 2017.

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    We can't, and I don't think anybody ever has. KKK and Nazis existed before Trump was even born. But currently he's validating that their views are correct, indicating that they have high-level support and sympathy, and emboldening them. It's not surprising that it extends to Canada.
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    My take? Trump didn't create the KKK or other hate groups. There are people such as Nazis that have and continue to exist everywhere. The fact they exist is not on Trump. The fact that they are emboldened by Trump is another matter. The fact that Trump incites such activity is a problem. The fact that Trump would rather hear his name chanted (no matter who is doing the chanting) is the problem.
  4. jeyf macrumors 6502a

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    the key word here is hate. not good to promote racial tension because it generates even more... hate
  5. LordVic, Aug 16, 2017
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    Big difference is that Canadian establishments and the government do NOT give unequivecal rights to free speech. it doesn't exist.

    but no, we can't say the problem is 100% Trump. Anyone who says that is as delusional as the Nazis.

    There has always been an undercurrent of white nationalism throughout north America. It's partially due to how our countries were founded (by generally white pilgrims of various reasons).

    However, in Canada, we draw the line at hate speech.

    So, we tend to not give Nazi's and white supremacists a platform to begin with.

    The problem with Trump right now is that he isn't dissavowing them. The first things out of his mouth on the weekend should have been "We denounce Nazism and white supremists unequivocally. There is no place here for them"... instead he waffled. he tried blaming "both sides are bad bad dudes". He refused for 48 hours to call out the Nazi's for what they are. this is not a comfortable position for many of us in the west. For those who faught and gave their lives to prevent the Nazi mindset from ruling the world, to those (like my family) who saw entire branches of the family tree behead for nothing else than being a Jew.

    Do I personally think Trump is a Nazi or Nazi sympathizer? No. I think he's an opportunist. He just wants the vote. immediately making a statement against these groups would kill their vote support. He doesn't want to risk that. only after 48 hours of mass political backlash did he probably realize that he needed to address the issue. But I don't believe for a minute Trump would care if Nazi's ran half the country if he could benefit from it somehow

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