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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by apple2991, Oct 23, 2004.

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    May 20, 2004
    OK, I have sort of a stupid question, but one that I would really appreciate an answer to.

    I just got a new iBook with a SuperDrive in it, and I figured out how to use iDvd (obviously real easy, but I had never had to use it before). My question is about ripping or copying DVD's. What programs are good for this? I vaguely recall hearing something about needing two different programs before, but I can't remember what they were.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Feb 10, 2003
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    i have herd that some people use:

    1. dvd2oneX , but you have to pay for this.

    2. DVDbackup , i think this is freeware.

    3. MacTheRipper , freeware also i think.

    However, i haven't used any of these products. Once it extracts the movies or files from the DVD, you will need another program like Toast to burn it to a DVD.

    There are a couple of programs out that will do everything with just on click, like the program which i use, its called Fast DVD Copy. You will probably have to search for other programs like this on the web, since i can't remember any off hand. I have had no problems with this program, it does a great job. It maybe not the fastest program (on average i'd say it takes about an 1.5 hrs. to burn a movie, depending upon quality and size).

    Another thing, you have to pay around $100 for this program. It has to be used on the computer in which it is installed, so make sure that you read the directions first if your thinking about buying it.

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