sometimes appl support just p*sses me off

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by rock6079, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. rock6079 macrumors 6502

    Jan 6, 2004
    i dont think i ahve ever been satisfied with apple support. Its has been almost a year since i got my 3G ipod (last july) and since then i have called in or used their web service to get myself 5 new pairs of headphones. why ? becuase they either rip at the point where they connect from the two buds into one wire, or the SHOCK my ears or i get a fuzzy distorted sound.

    so my first question is am i the only one ? or are you guys experienceing this with your ipod headphones too? becuase at first i thought maybe it was only me but i now know about 30 people with ipods and most of them have similar situations.

    so im at the point again where my headphones have begun to SHOCK my ears. YES ACTUALLY SHOCK MY EARS AND IT HURTS ! . this has happened in past headphones too. so today i decided that instead up just sending fora new pair, becausei realised that within a few weeks i will not be under warraenty any more and will no longer be able to get a new pair when my old one screws up, i decided to try and resolve the issue.

    all i wanted to know is

    a) is this normal
    b) why does this happen
    c) is there any way apple can compensate me since this is reacurring and the fact that i know that it isnt a hardware problem since i get this with no other headpphones and that i know many people who have experienced this also. I fell that since apple sold and hes been selling me headphones that can possibly damage my ears (with the shocks) i deserve some kind of compensation, whether it be better headphones or something.

    so i call to talk to an apple representative and they tell mee that i am past my 90 days of phone service, which i know, andi have no porblem withthat, becuase today i am not calling for help (i usually dont since i consider myself tech savvy enough to deal with an ipod). i tell the lady that i KNOW what the problem is, and that sincei am still under 1 year of warrenty i jsut want to get it fixed, so she tells me to go to the website, which they have told me to do the past 5 times. after trying to explain to her that it is a problem that the website cannot fix, becuase i do not want to jsut order a new pair of headphones, she tells me that she is going to have to charge me for this phone call, or i have to buy apple support.

    this really bugs me, i have 3 macs (up to date, this isnt including past ones), and more than i can count of their products. including 2 ipods. i think i deserve a little better support than that after all the moeny and time i have invested into that company. i remember one time i called and told hte guy that the support is just rediculous and he told me that they shouldnt even be giving me support, that if i went and bought a dell, i would get no support, well u know apple is a company that has built themselves on easy to use computers with GREAT support.

    anywase, i apologize for going on sucha rant, just i am really p.o right now. maybe i am wrong, but i would jsut like to know if any of you experience this type of situation with apple support or if any of you have the same problems with your ipod headphones, becuase it sure does bother me, and with my warrenty almost up, i figure i need to get something done about it.

    thanks alot for your input
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    Feb 1, 2002
    I thought apple's policy that if the problem is a ahrdware problem covered under warranty, they won't charge you for the call. That's how it was with computers anyway once past the free phone support period.

    If you have an AASP or apple store near you, you can probably just bring it to them and walk out with near headphones.

    And regarding the problems, I'd say its fairly safe to say that headphones should not be shocking you, and I'd rather suspect something more than the headhphones is the problem if its happened with more than 1 pair.

    Support is always hit or miss, doesn't matter what company you're talking about. Generally apple is fairly highly rated though from what I've read.
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    May 2, 2003
    Home of Al-Qaida
    A lot of people buy better headphones when they get their iPod because the included ones sound like $5 phones. No offense to people who are tone deaf and actually thinks the default phones and the Sony imitation buds sound awesome.

    Suggest you get a pair of Sennheiser MX500 and hear what a difference better phones make.

    As for that apple care thing... I honestly can't justify paying for it when other companies (Sony, IBM, Samsung) offer 3 years of full coverage warranty free of charge. And do you have to pay for return postage?
  4. yamabushi macrumors 65816


    Oct 6, 2003
    If you are getting a shock, then the problem could be with the iPod itself. Sorry you got the runaround. You should have been switched to a more experienced technician when the problem wasn't resolved with new headphones and you called back. I remember the days when all Apple support was free. Too bad they decided they couldn't afford to do that anymore. You should send your iPod to Apple for service/replacement or bring it in to an Apple store.
  5. janey macrumors 603


    Dec 20, 2002
    sunny los angeles
    i'm offended. apple makes pretty decent in-ear headphones for the cost.
    and i like them cuz theyre better than the crap apple includes with the iPod plus nobody at school knows how to use them, so nobody asks me to borrow them...
    mind you, i'd love to get some etymotic er-6s but theyre like $100+...well anything above $50 would be a little ehhh, i'd love custom made ones from like ultimateears or something...and I wouldnt feel exactly comfortable taking them to school. i've lost pairs of headphones before.
    but i will take your advice and get a pair of those, seeing as how they're only $20, its not much of a biggie.

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