Sometimes I love my Iphone, other times I want to smash it against a brick wall.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Ferris23, Jun 1, 2009.

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    I was on the way to pick up a new pet for my daughter, a little kitten. Probably going to tear my house to sh**. I wanted to rely on my Iphone GPS so I got directions and plugged them in. About 20 minutes later following the blue line and flipping my phone around this way and that so I knew which way I was oriented, the screen just sort of turned orange and I was lost. I quit the app, reloaded, rebooted, it just couldn't find me or my destination. So I pulled over and called for directions, about 3 steps into the conversation, my call dropped. Oops, that's happened before....MANY TIMES actually, but it's only REALLY annoying when you are in god knows where and need directions. I proceeded to call back and the call dropped again. That's always fun. Third time was a charm, I was actually able to maintain a phone call on this all in one device that does many things well, except make a reliable ***** phone call.

    The GPS actually sucked ass while I was in NYC trying to navigate, literally the blue ball that was me was bouncing all over the place whenever I tried to use it. In reality I was standing still.

    I seriously love this phone, the way it feels, the stuff it does, and I've had it since day one. But man there are times when it just wonks out and I gotta say it really has me either wanting the new Iphone for a hopeful improvement or just switching to something else all together.

    I'm sure annoyce posts like this are common, but I've never typed one out myself so I thought I would share.

    My girlfriend also can't stand the Iphone because of how many times it drops calls on her and the fact that the GPS was useless on the 2 occasions we relied on it.

    Switching to Edge sometimes helps but I have "full" 3G strength when these problems arise so I don't know.
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    The phone has good reception, its a carrier gimmick. Read: Network traffic.

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