Songs purchased on phone sync to iTunes, then vanish from phone

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    Jul 14, 2008

    I'm trying to track down an issue with syncing between iTunes and the iPhone. I am running OS X Mavericks, with the latest version of iTunes, and an iPhhone 5 with the latest iOS 7. Phone is 32 GB, I have about 5.5 GB free.

    So, this is the second "round" that I've battled of this. Here is what happens:

    I buy a song or album on my phone. Later, I sync with iTunes, and the music makes it over from the phone to iTunes. It remains in iTunes, but vanishes from the phone.

    I currently sync all music to my phone, but only checked or selected songs. I've verified these songs are selected/checked. They just won't sync back to the phone again. I turned on iTunes Match, in case that was an issue, but it wasn't it.

    Moreover, I see them in the cloud on my iPhone (selecting "view all music" in settings). When I try to download, the cloud turns into a spinning circle for a moment, then changes back to the cloud symbol.

    Last time this happened, in the spring, I found that I could "repurchase" the songs from the store and download. But then syncing would take the songs away again. Eventually I fixed it, but I can't remember the ultimate solution. I believe it was wiping all music from the phone and syncing everything again. But even then, I had to do that two or three times to get all the music on the iPhone, where it has stayed since. Except for this new album, which I bought last week.

    Overnight, I tried erasing all my music and then resyncing. The music in question didn't copy over, and in fact now I notice some other music did not copy.

    Any ideas? I am just not sure if it's the phone side or the iTunes side. Thank you.
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    Jul 14, 2008

    I hate to bump an old thread but now this is happening to songs that I download elsewhere and then import into iTunes, like talks from websites.

    I see everything checked in iTunes, I can listen to songs for a sync, but I sync again and some of them disappear. Any ideas?

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