sony and apple to come together on a media center product?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by corywoolf, Jan 12, 2005.

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    Jun 28, 2004
    for some time now apple and sony have been rumored to be up to something. at macworld, steve jobs hinted that something big was coming. listen to leo laportes podcast or stream it off the site. trust me it is worth hearing. leo laporte is the former host of the screen savers on the old tech tv. it will most likely show up as a page 2 rumor soon. i predict that apple and sony are NOT going to make a os x vaio, but instead a media center that integrates with apples tiger and it will be run over airport into a box near your entertainment center. with apple hinting that they are going with sony's blu-ray dvd hd format, it hints that apple will need new superdrives by sony, and the sony hd cam is already a huge deal being in steves presentation, along with on the apple store. i think eventually sony will join apple for a new music store. it would squash any competition. i think, like hp, sony will have a version of the ipod. sony will keep using sony connect for a while still, that was a huge investment. one more thing... the sony guy cracked me up, steve was looking at him the whole time thinking when is he going to shut up, then the guy forgot a word in the english language and steve looked at him like oh shiat! it was a good 20 seconds of the sony guy nervously bafiling! check out the keynote video and reply on your thoughts....

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    Come on man....take some pride in posting a thread. The first letter of a sentence should be capitalized. It's not that hard. See? I'm doing it right now. :D

    I think if Apple and Sony were up to something other than a mutually beneficial partnership....they would have released it by now.

    You never know though..
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    i use to do caps, but i just posted like 6 times in the last few hours, so i was lazy, plus it keeps it simple, there are no caps, therefore no one should complain, because it is clearly on purpose. tell me that again in a year. thanks for replying so quickly though. ;)
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    Jun 28, 2004

    did you listen to the podcast???
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    Apr 11, 2002

    No, however, I stand by my point that these rumors have been around for at least a year. If something big was going to happen, it would have happened already...IMHO. That's not to say that Sony won't announce that all Sony computers will come with iTunes, or something similar. However, "big" is a relative term, and a Sony/Apple device, in my opinion, would not be big, it would be huge. Just because an exec claims that something "big" is coming, you shouldn't take that to mean that something THAT big is coming.

    If they are working on something, I think it's more likely a partnership of some sort, and not the two companies coming up with a device.

    I'm also curious as to how the former host of a TV show would have any kind of inside information about anything. Does he work for Sony now?
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    Jun 28, 2004
    no, he doesn't work there, but if you listened to that, he was at macworld and recorded his podcast right after it at a restaurant downtown, he has been writing books and doing tv/radio shows for since the mid 90's and has met with jobs and others on his shows. he had a special show with wozniak and the original apple team all sitting around and talking about the company.

    thats besides the point though. he just brought up a good point, most of the time products or ideas are hinted during jobs presentation, and this was a hint overlooked by most he said. i agree, i could see apple partnering with sony on maybe the next isight (hi def), although i don't think the technology is quite there for hi def ichats. i think it will be like the motorola deal, it will be talked about for a long ass time, and then eventually it will go through. i agree though, sony is not in a situation to even cancel its walkman line up anytime soon. and as for the bundling of itunes with sony computers, forget it, think about it, why would they put someone elses music store preloaded when they have their own. my thought goes like this:

    step 1- hi def video dvd drive by sony in next gen g5's, heavy marketing of sony's hi def camera's (soon a entry and mid level line up) being used with imovie hd.

    step 2- ilife for sony pc's special version exclusivly with sony, carl zeiss lense isight high def

    step 3- apple and sony combine music stores or share itunes with seperate stores at first

    step 4- sony ipod version, same as hp did

    step 5- sony releases entertainment systems built with an airport card in it for ilife sharing, along with airtunes, eventually airflix....

    step 6- sony and apple add movie downloads to store, along with rentals that have special protection of course. most likely there will be a hi def divx type format by this sony ipod, allows movie watching on the go along with tv episode downloads....

    i don't care what you say, this is very realistic in my mind. apple will lead sony's music division, while in return sony will get ilife on their vaios.

    tell me what you think? if you want to change something do it to make it what you think it will be...


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