sony "claims" against the competitors

Discussion in 'Games' started by SpankyPenzaanz, Oct 19, 2006.

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    Gah! Plymouth
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    this is getting tiresome...

    You don't NEED the HD-DVD for 360 to play it, nor do you NEED a wireless controller, silly Sony...

    The PS3 when compared to the 360 in that fashion is a better deal. However, some people don't like that Sony is forcing you to buy a next gen disc system, wireless controllers, etc.

    And yeah, the Wii is way cheaper, but what do you expect? Its a supercharged cube! It shouldnt cost as much as the more beefed up PS3/360...

    Maybe its because I don't read about the Wii as much as I do about the PS3/360 since I'm not gonna get one for a while, but it seems Nintendo does a lot less trash talking than Sony/MS does. MS slags Sony for being too expensive, and forcing customers to buy technology they don't need/want and how great Live is and blah blah. And Sony slags MS for no "true" 1080p, Live costing money, no HD-DVD built in, blah blah.

    Negative campaigns just piss a lot of people off...
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    /me shakes head at Sony's falsifying of the facts.

    I'd like to buy a PS3, and probably will sometime in 2007, but I'll recommend to all my friends to grab a 360 over a PS3 if Sony keeps trying to pull this.
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    ok, so, if you want a 360; you NEED to buy an hd-dvd drive for it?

    and you NEED to buy the core system, and then buy all the upgrades otherwise in the pro system, instead of spending alot less on the pro version.


    oh, and it's real nice how they took a shot at wii's online too. multiplayer and such will all be free on the wii. the only thing that will cost money(a one time fee) is the web browser; and its free for everyone for the first 6 months. but they word it as online service being free for the first six months. anyone who reads that and didn't know better would read that as the first 6 months are free, and then there is a monthly fee. NOT TRUE
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