Sony warns of shock risk in Vaio laptops

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by medea, Jul 10, 2003.

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    Sony said on Thursday it would recall about 18,000 Vaio laptop computers globally, including 13,000 in Japan, due to the risk of a small electric shock caused by faulty modems.
    The world's largest consumer electronics maker also said about 3,000 Vaio laptops it shipped in the United States and about 2,000 in Europe are subject to the technical glitches and owners are entitled to a free repair.
    Sony said it had estimated the global recall would cost it 500 million yen ($4.24 million), 0.01 percent of the sales of its electronics division in the 2002 business year, but the figure had not yet been finalized.
    Credit Suisse First Boston Japan Ltd analyst Masahiro Ono said the recall would not be serious enough to change his earnings forecast for Sony, but its brand image could be hurt if there were more recalls.
    "Sony has had a number of recalls including mobile phones," he said. "It's a shame because PC sales have been going well this year after a slump last year."
    The recall of the laptops, Sony's mainstay product along with Walkman devices and the Vega TV series, comes on top of its recall of some 40,000 desktop PCs in Japan, the United States and Canada due to defective supply parts since late last year.

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    That really is a shame...I have major respect for Sony and their line up, especially the Wega Television series - and their laptops always looked good to me.

    Hopefully Aibo won't succumb to similar technical glitches...can't imagine ones' "pet" being "recalled.":p
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    Oct 20, 2002
    A little extra buzz while you surf! :p

    Seriously though, I hope that no one will be hurt!
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    I want to know how Sony got wind of the problem. Were there people like, oh I don't know, licking their modem ports or something, and it shorted out? Too many reports of broken modems and shocked (hehe) users after prolonged licking?

    Il ike the word "licking." But "prolonged licking" is even funnier.

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