Soon you may not be able to visit eBay, Craigslist, or this web site or many others

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    That is unless you and the webmaster pay the Internet service provider an annual/every 6-month service charge (which will be optional for both parties). If you and the web master don't pay the extra fee you won't be able to access hundreds, thousands, millions of other web sites. We're talkin' about a virtual filter on the Internet kinda sorta like China has in place. We're talkin' about a virtual denial of service. That's the message that will be staring many people in the face when they try to go to their favorite web site: DENIAL OF SERVICE. (And there are many more negative ramifications.) I'm talkin' about the critical issue of Net Neutrality.

    We'll know if they decide to filter the Internet on 12.21.2010.

    That's the day of reckonin'.

    It is on that day that the Federal Communications Commission will vote on rules that could stop companies like Time Warner, Comcast, Cox Cable, Verizon and AT&T from blocking where you go on the Internet. The vote is a test for President Obama and Chairman Julius Genachowski. Will they deliver on earlier promises and pass strong Net Neutrality rules, or will they cave to the phone and cable lobby and give us a fake version? Interested in watching them vote on this? Good. Cause we need your support. If you're in the neighborhood go to 445 12th Street, Washington, D.C., Room TW-C305. They'll start voting on it on or around 10:30 AM EST. If you're not in Washington, D.C. you can help the cause by going to SaveTheInternet dot com. And please be sure to a) sign the petition and b) get on their mailing list because if we can defeat the monopolies the monopolies will be back again. That's because they have a strong lobby and lots and lots of cash. They have no quit in them. So you can bet that they'll vote on this again in 365 days.

    short crash course on net neutrality:
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    No we're not. Government censorship is obviously bad. Company censorship isn't because there will always be a competitor to offer the services you want without having to pay the idiotic fees. That's capitalism.

    And, I do agree that this idea is a bad one. It's just not as bad as everyone is making it out to be.
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    There won't always be a competitor. Many places have one or two ISPs available. Thanks to many cities being bribed to grant a monopoly to cable providers, your choices usually come down to the telco and cable, and if both decide to collude with each other, you are just out of luck. And you are really out of luck if you live in a rural area where your options are dialup or satellite internet.
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    Post a link to an ISP where they state 1) they whole-heartedly support Net Neutrality and 2) will never ever assess fees in the event Net Neutrality is voted down tomorrow when they vote on it or in 365 days when they vote on it again.
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    I can shot example after example of things like that not being the case.
    Look at the Airlines. One raise prices or lowers the other generally follow suit. If they do not it goes back were it is.
    Look at AT&T and Verizon they tend to match each others deals and offerings. They are often the only choices for many people
    Your theory only works when their are a lot of players but really there are only a small handful so they tend to follow eachother and raise prices.
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    Good old Youtube: Aspiring movie makers like the kid that lives down the street or the old lady that lives around the block doesn't want to see Net Neutrality destroyed either cause ya know the Youtube video that you saw recently that had say for example 300 views?

    If Net Neutrality fails then look for that view count to be reduced. Maybe in half.

    Not sure how much of a reduction it'll be but every web site will suffer a reduction in traffic if Net Neutrality fails. And the reason the reader may not be up on this is because information about tomorrows crucial vote is not being shown on today's television news program. They're ignoring it.
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    Oct 14, 2010
    IMO ... not going to happen for sites like eBay.

    may happen one day for PrOn ... but eBay? ... no :cool:
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    Not the big picture: who cares it's not all about eBay. Ebay is a big player in an even bigger arena. And it's not all about the big players, heck no. Had Net Neutrality not been in place when Craig Newmark first launched his site Craigslist may not be where they are today. Newmark supports Net Neutrality. As do aspiring bloggers and e-merchants who are trying to get off the ground. If they didn't support Net Neutrality that'd be like them redirecting web surfers away from their web site. Or hanging out a sign that says WEBSITE NOT FOUND DUE TO DENIAL OF SERVICE.

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