Sorry, but I gotta say it.... (I want a new Mini)

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by crontab, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. crontab macrumors member

    Mar 25, 2008
    Where's the outrage already?? No updates!! I want a new Mini and have been watching this thread and the apple store for weeks now. After reading the numerous "is this the Tuesday" weekly threads for months......its really annoying that we still have the same old same old. ARGH!!

    So, flamers - flame. I have considered my actions here and am ready - but it had to be said. Done.
  2. Silver-Fox macrumors 65816


    Jan 8, 2007
  3. ale500 macrumors regular

    Jul 9, 2007
    I'm also impatiently expecting... I hope will be soon, I'd thought about today... well It was not :-(... life goes on. I do not really need a new computer... I just want another Mac :apple:
  4. Zwhaler macrumors 603


    Jun 10, 2006
    Uhh, not to be rude, but Apple has zero obligation to release updates whenever the public wants them. If you want a Mac Mini, just buy one already, they are available and are waiting to be purchased. Everyone knows that Apple neglects the Mac Mini, so it might be awhile until a satisfying upgrade will become available for it.
  5. Fonzijr1964 macrumors 68000


    Feb 26, 2008
    word, all I want is an iMac Update
  6. AnotherTuesday macrumors newbie

    Mar 25, 2008

    It's true. If the 90s taught us anything, it's that Apple does not have to satisfy customers.
  7. crontab thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 25, 2008
    No offense taken. I have considered just going ahead and buying one but I cannot get beyond this:

    "Intel GMA 950 graphics processor with 64MB of DDR2 SDRAM shared with main memory"

    That is SO ridiculous!
  8. Silver-Fox macrumors 65816


    Jan 8, 2007

    if your going to game don't get one...

    if your doing basic stuff, email, browsing, documents, even a bit of photoshopping, then get it
  9. crontab thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 25, 2008
    I'll tell you why, because I want my cake and I want to eat it too. There is no reason I should have to make such a drastic a compromise as you put it.

    Look, I'm not expecting to play a game like Crysis on this thing, but what about a "middle of the road" game like Civilization IV - hell yeah. So take a look at what the game recommends:

    • Recommended System Requirements:

    • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4.6 or later
    • CPU Processor: PowerPC G5 or Intel chipset
    • CPU Speed: 2.0 GHz or faster
    • Video RAM: 128 MB

    Sure, does the current mini meet the minimum specs, yes. But it also goes to show you that it already is outdated.

    Expecting a brand new mac mini to be more than capable of playing a game such as Civ IV should not even be in question. For my money, all I want is a well-rounded piece of technology at the time of purchase.

    Now, before I get hammered about it, why the mini then? I realize if I purchase a MBP that we would not be having this little discussion. For me, two things make the mini a better choice: price and form factor.

    Honestly, if I could have exactly what I want, it would be a MBP stuffed into a Minis form AND I would gladly pay more for it. I don't want, or need another laptop or tower in my home. Small, quiet, and reasonably powerful. Simple.
  10. digitalnicotine macrumors 65816


    Jan 11, 2008
    I'm also hoping for a mini update, but haven't been actively watching for it, as I had no idea it was "overdue". I set aside the funds, and forgot about it, as I'm certain that when it is released, I'll find out within days, and will be good to go. I'm getting one as an additional computer for connecting to an HDTV, so I suppose it's a lot easier for me to either be patient, or get the current model.

    OP: I hope it comes soon on your behalf, and meets the specs you're hoping for.
  11. katejones macrumors regular


    Feb 6, 2008
    Just wait it out, screw buying one till they do, I decided last year I'd buy a mini or a macbook pro whichever came out first. So I have MBP now, but I still want a mini even though I have no use for one.
  12. crontab thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 25, 2008
    Thanks for the kind words. I too can afford to wait on the sidelines for as long as I can stand it. I'm a big fan of Apple, in spite of the fact that this purchase would be my first Mac. It's just a shame that competitors like Asus are bringing better products to market that forces me to consider NOT getting my first Mac - see related post from today or

    Sure, I don't get to play with Leopard, but I have made this long and I am sure I can get my all-time favorite, Ubuntu, running on Asus's new toy and be plenty happy.

    Good luck to you as well.
  13. digitalnicotine macrumors 65816


    Jan 11, 2008
    I went and checked out the Asus, and although I do like a few things about it, I am not liking a lot of things. First off, the price for what you're getting, and the lack of information about it on the site. I wanted to know if I could upgrade the hard drive and ram but it didn't list how much ram it can handle. It also didn't say how much integrated video ram. Vista instead of OSX. The black version is nice but wth were they thinking putting on orange accents on the white version? heh

    The processor puts this in tier with the low end current model Mac Mini, but it costs significantly more, without any info on upgrade options, and features that any HTPC should come with (remote!). Bigger hard drive, but still a 5400 rpm that I would replace immediately with an even larger 7200 rpm drive on either version. Integrated speakers are usually crap. It's a lot of compromises for a much higher price on a product that is new to market and untested for possible issues. I went from wow this is cool (first glance), to wow this isn't up to par with the Mini. I'd do better with the current Mini than this. Thanks for the link to check out other options, though.
  14. Globetrotter macrumors regular


    Nov 5, 2007
    Annoying, but what can you do?

    And now we know why Apple products do so well :D
  15. phatjoe macrumors member

    Feb 28, 2008
    I read a few reviews on the Asus Nova. I believe one mentioned that opening the system voids the warranty. Also that it is very hard to open it up...
  16. chrstphr macrumors newbie

    Jun 5, 2007
    I couldn't wait for the update so I pulled the trigger and bought one, ship in 24 hours : )
  17. VoodooDaddy macrumors 65816

    May 14, 2003
    And I want my car to get 400 miles per gallon, and I want gas to be .50/gal, and I want a $100,000 raise....

    My parents told me over and over growing up, "what you want and what you get are 2 different things." I dont go here or there demanding a company satisfy MY needs. If I want the product I buy it, if not, I buy something else. Get over yourself for 2 seconds, Apple isnt here to coddle you alone.

    Excellent start at mac-rumors BTW.
  18. Cave Man macrumors 604

    Cave Man

  19. Cave Man macrumors 604

    Cave Man

    The upgrade won't be all that drastic. 802.11n, 128 vRAM (still shared), and likely 8 gig RAM max.

    It plays the best game ever made without any problems - Quake. ;)

    So? Wait or buy something else.

    Buy an iMac or Mac Pro.

    Well, I guess you have to make a choice. Take it or leave it.
  20. Kosh66 macrumors 6502

    Jul 15, 2004
    You'll NEVER play GPU intensive games on a Mac Mini. The Mac Mini is made to be CHEAP. CHEAP means Intel built-in graphics, the slowest processor, with no expandability, which is the opposite of what you want for gaming. It's always going to be that way for the Mac Mini. The Mac Mini isn't made for the gaming market. You can't make a product conform to you (well you can, to a point), you have to buy what you need.

    And as for a Mini update, it is apparently being prepared

    Of course, it's probably not high on Apple's priorities.
  21. crontab thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 25, 2008
    LOL! Touche! I was waiting for that and you are right. My apologies to the forum for my rant. I am aware that many of you here are sick and tired of these types of threads. The other choice for the thread subject that I was considering was:

    "Don't read this thread if you are sick and tired of people whining about no updates", but then where would be the fun in that?
  22. iTattoo macrumors regular


    Aug 6, 2007

    I've been lurking in the shadows for quite some time now, and a recent convert from PC to Mac back in August when the iMacs were last updated. I would have jumped ship to Mac land much sooner, but I need a reliable way to run a IE only website I use for work, Parallels 3.0 and the new aluminum mac coming out at nearly the same time tipped the scales. While I love my 24 inch 2.8G iMac, I would have much rather bought a similar spec'd Mini if such a thing was available (I understand it may have had to been bigger or more "Cube Like"). This has become more apparent the past few weeks when I've had 3 significant hard drive failures that resulted in dragging my 25lb not so portable iMac through the mall into the Apple Store. While I'm new to apple, they are not new to my home, we currently have a macbook (would love to replace that with an MBA once they have a decent amount of onboard storage) and an original G4 mini, which is struggling under the load of leopard now.

    I agree with the OP that mini is way over due for a refresh, and perhaps as has been suggested else where, a Mac Mini and a Mac Mini Pro for those who don't need to pay for a new monitor, and want a machine with moderate power.

    I hope that Steve, and the rest of his gang soon come to the realization that their headless offerings are too polar, and somewhere in the middle there is a sweet spot that will satisfy a growing middle class of computer users.
  23. crontab thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 25, 2008
    Sadly, I have to agree with your opinion and outlook. Hey, can you blame me for dreamin' a little out side the box? Admit it, if they somehow managed to cram an NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with 512MB into a mini that would be cool as you know what!

    Honestly, if they would just update it the mini with what the MB has, Intel GMA X3100 graphics processor with 144MB of DDR2 SDRAM, I would likely buy the darn thing and be satified with playing Solitaire occasionally. Besides, I have had a dedicated windoz box just for gaming for years with latest hardware - that is what I am really sick of.
  24. JayLenochiniMac macrumors G5

    Nov 7, 2007
    New Sanfrakota
    Why would you be sick of it? That makes no sense. Having a dedicated windoz box for gaming is the way to go.
  25. za9ra22 macrumors 6502

    Sep 25, 2003
    Can you imagine what a mess the Mac mini would be if there were any attempt made to please the individual desires of users? It would be twice the size, five times the cost, and be a waste of money for 99% of the public for whom it was designed to actually appeal.

    I can't say I'm sick and tired of these types of threads, but it mystifies me that there's anyone seriously waiting on an update to what is by design and intention, the entry-level Mac designed to appeal to people who want exactly that, an entry-level system that does what it needs to do in order to meet the needs of average users.

    So what if it contains out-of-date technology? I'd rather that (and so would the average buyer) than having to spend far more to get into MacOS at the cheapest reasonable price.

    In the end, it's like any other mass-production consumer item - it is targeted at a market segment that the manufacturer thinks is appropriate (after not inconsiderable market research without doubt) and is engineered to fit the profile of that market. That's why it doesn't get much in the way of Apple's attention, because it doesn't need it in order to fulfill it's purpose in the product line-up, and why when it does get upgrades, they're generally fairly modest and lack anything of a startling nature. It's already $100 too expensive to fit the market perfectly, adding better internals would simply push the price up or risk increasing cannibalization of iMac sales.

    I, for one, want an entry-level Mac that the market can bear, which given the present economic condition means at the lowest possible price. If the system doesn't suit, there are other Macs that undoubtedly will, so it's up to the individual to decide whether to pay more for the system of choice to meet the expectations they have - not to demand improvements that might get them the system they want, but mean the rest of us have to pay more than necessary for one into the bargain.

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